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Do soft materials increase comfort?


Depending on the model, the side sleeper cushions are equipped with a cotton or polyester cover. Both outer materials have different advantages. ingenuity baby swing cover replacement while cotton is particularly natural and durable, a side sleeper pillow cover made of polyester proves to be extremely dimensionally stable and easy to clean. Which material you choose ultimately depends on your personal preferences. However, make sure that the cover is as soft and dimensionally stable as possible so that you can enjoy a high level of sleeping comfort for a long time.

Hint: For hygiene reasons, the cover should be removable and washable. Many covers are also suitable for tumble dryers.

Filling: Quality determines the supporting effect

When filling the side sleeper pillow, there are significant differences depending on the model. The side sleeper cushions are available with down, polyester, or foam filling. Cheap side sleeper pillows often have a filling of polyester fibers, which do not prove to be dimensionally stable in the long run.

If you are looking for an orthopedic side sleeper pillow, you should make sure that the filling is point elastic and dimensionally stable. In this way, you can still enjoy optimal relief of the back even after prolonged use. Cushions with viscous foam, for example, offer both advantages. Due to the point elasticity, they allow the filling to sink only in the places where it is loaded. At the same time, they are dimensionally stable and prevent the shoulders or pelvis from buckling.

As an alternative, inflatable side sleeper pillows are also offered in stores. If you opt for an inflatable side sleeper pillow, this offers the advantage that you can adjust the height and hardness individually to your needs and the pillow has only a low weight.

For allergy sufferers, a side sleeper pillow with down filling is recommended. The downturns out to be mite-unfriendly and prevent it from multiplying in the pillow.

Care: Cover and pillows should be washable

Independent side sleeper pillow tests on the Internet indicate that for hygiene reasons, both the cover of the side sleeper pillow and the pillow itself should be washable. Especially if you want to use the side sleeper pillow for your baby as a nursing pillow, this point is particularly important. The care properties also play an important role for allergy sufferers, because in order to alleviate the symptoms of house dust allergy, pillows and blankets should be washed regularly.

Which manufacturers of side sleeper pillows are there?

If you want to buy a side sleeper pillow,outdoor baby swing frames you can choose between different brands. Side sleeper pillows are offered, for example, by the following manufacturers:

  • Hessnatur
  • Theraline
  • Tempur
  • Billerbeck
  • Badenia
  • Dormisette
  • Emma
  • Dream Night

In some cases, the discounters Aldi, Lidl, or Norma also offer side sleeper pillows from their own brands. However, these are always only temporarily available in the assortment and often quickly sold out.

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