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Kidney warmer comparison and buying guide


A robust kidney warmer protects particularly well if it has additional protectors in the back area. These objects are made of solid and resistant plastics. hoverboard helmets should there be a fall on a bicycle or motorcycle, the kidneys and lumbar region are additionally protected.

Even if the kidneys are deep in the body, a cold winter wind can cause a bladder infection. Finally, we also notice in other parts of the body that the cold always finds a way under our jacket or sweater.

The kidney warmer can keep the middle of the body warm as a tube-like garment. Kidney warmers have been used in Japan for many hundreds of years. In the meantime, the numerous advantages are also known in Europe, where more and more people are using kidney warmers.

Buying advice kidney warmer – buy the best kidney warmer

If you want to buy a kidney warmer cheaply, you should pay attention to some important things, which we will briefly list below:


Angora wool is particularly warm but also high-priced. Cheap offers rely on synthetic fabrics.


The kidney warmer should be wide enough to completely cover the lower back and coccyx as well. The circumference of the warmers should be adjustable.

Shutter If a Velcro fastener is available, it should have a large contact surface. This guarantees a secure hold even with a lot of movement.

It is important for the cold days that the kidney warmer is made of a material that keeps your kidneys warm. High-quality body warmers, which protect your kidneys in winter, are usually made of Angora wool and are padded or lined.

In this way, the heat function of the back warmers can be greatly improved. Many kidney warmer test winners are equipped with an additional fleece lining, which makes e.B motorcycling much warmer and more pleasant. Furthermore, many very good kidney warmers are made of durable polyester. In addition, there are back warmers made of leather or neoprene.

The fit is also important. Of course, the body warmer should be designed in such a way that you can easily pull it over the kidney area. As a rule, it should not be a big problem to place the kidney warmer over the affected region of the body.

With kidney belts, however, this is a little different. These can be closed with a Velcro fastener. In this way, you can quickly put on and take off this belt. However, best electric stakeboards you must make sure that you close the Velcro fastener of the kidney warmer tightly. Otherwise, while you are riding your motorcycle, it could suddenly rise. The same applies to putting kidney belts on the bike. In addition, there are different kidney warmer tests partly body warmers, which you can adapt perfectly to your body with the help of adjustable closures.

Hint: If you want to ride a motorcycle or bicycle, do not only use a pure kidney warmer, but also a kidney belt with closure, which is also equipped with protectors.

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