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How to buy Discord members?


Launching a Discord server is challenging, while getting it off the ground and finding the correct users to join the server can be even more complex at times. The crypto discord server across the world is well versed with this new social networking platform, and efforts are on by those who want to build a reputation in the crypto-verse by adding more like-minded people to their community.

 In the market, there are different ways that can guarantee you in getting the desired number of members for your servers. One method to do this is to buy Discord members. However, when you go for this option, the legitimacy of sites providing this service often comes into question. This article is a must-read if you are one of these people trying to solve this puzzle. This article will apprise you about a few sites which can help get you the members you require for an active Discord channel. 

Why is there a need to buy server members?

The primary goal of buying members is to enhance a Discord server’s social proof. Whenever new member joins a server and sees that it has a vast membership, they are more inclined to increase their involvement with the community. There are also others who notice how active the community is and if it is attracting more members.

How to purchase Discord members?

If you are a beginner and want to know how to buy discord members, here is an outline for you.

  1. Find a trustworthy Discord member provider after doing proper research on it. 
  2. Provide them a Discord invite link to your server.
  3. You can pay for your server members through PayPal, credit card, or cryptocurrency.
  4. Following this, you will have to wait for four to 48 hours for the providers to automatically add the members to your server with the link you provided.

Discord members’ providers you can consider approaching:


At present, Gramlike is considered a leading provider of Discord members. They are known for quickly delivering on their promise compared to their peers. Gramlike can add Discord members to your server within almost 4-12 hours, compared to other service providers who take days to deliver the members. Additionally, they offer low prices and several package sizes to suit different buyers. This is a good choice to boost your Discord server’s member count.

Player Up 

Player Up is considered the first company that claims to protect Player-to-Player account transactions legitimately. It is a free online platform with an optional middleman service to ensure the safety of every transaction you make. 

Apart from this service, Player Up also sells Discord servers to help you grow your servers instantly.


HypeFreaks has gained a lot of popularity in the Discord community, and for a good reason. They are known for selling high-quality members and delivering them within a stipulated time frame. They are also currently the only company to sell online Discord members. 


Fiverr is meant for you if you are someone who prefers to use a popular, well-known site to purchase Discord members. Fiverr has several independent sellers who add Discord members to your server. Though the prices on Fiverr are slightly higher compared to other sites, however, this is worth spending for. Fiverr also has a tried and tested digital services refund policy.

Other methods to gain Discord members:

Use social media platforms to share your server:

Since a server is equivalent to a business, it needs a proper marketing strategy to thrive. Posting regular content about your server on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat can help you bring new members to your server.

Approach Influencers

Investing in influencer shoutouts can be another way to buy server members. Crypto Influencer shoutouts are when influencers post on their social media account about their involvement with your server. This can be an effective way to add a batch of Discord members who are their followers. 

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