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How To Look For A Good Title IX Defense Lawyer?


If you have been accused of a Title IX crime, the worst is already happening to you. Since Title IX crimes are sexual in nature, you should hire an attorney immediately and get started with your claim. The authorities tend to side with the plaintiff in such cases, making it more difficult for the accused. You are looked at with suspicious eyes, even with no evidence. 

That being said, you need to hire a good Title IX defense lawyer if you want to protect your rights and save your future. Not every attorney is what they claim to be. You need someone who deals with Title IX defense cases on a daily basis and has been working in the field for at least a decade. To hire one, speak to experts at the Lento Law Firm

Tips to look for a good Title IX defense lawyer 

  • Good communication skills. 

Lawyers speak to a number of people and different types of people on the same day. They talk to witnesses, clients, judges, and the jury and should know how to speak to each party. Good lawyers must have good communication skills, be clear in what they are trying to convey, and be good listeners. They are also required to produce large legal documents, so they should also have written skills. 

  • The right experience. 

While decades of experience do not indicate that Title IX attorney is good at their job, it is still an important consideration when looking for an attorney. After all, you would rather work with someone who has been dealing with Title IX defense cases for 20 years straight than someone who joined the field two years ago. Someone with the right experience has dealt with hundreds of cases throughout the years and will know several strategies to tackle problems. 

  • Research skills. 

A Title IX defense attorney should have the right research skills. After all, a sex crime accusation is a big deal, and you need strong evidence to prove your innocence. And you cannot do that unless you have solid proof showing that the accuser’s claims are false. Preparing legal strategies requires going through and comprehending large amounts of information and then distilling the useful ones. 

  • Professionalism. 

Regardless of why you want to hire an attorney, they should have professionalism. They should know how to deal with clients and work towards your best interests rather than their own. Professionalism is more than the attorney’s “personality” and more about how they try to help you genuinely.


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