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8 Most Important Facts to Remember While Shifting from Bangalore to Delhi


Moving from Bangalore to Delhi is shifting your house through a distance of 2175 kilometres. It is not an easy task to shift long-distance on your own. You need the help of professional packers and movers. A reliable and authentic moving company will make your move an easy experience. In this article, we will discuss the 8 most important facts to remember while shifting from Bangalore to Delhi. Remember that the process of long-distance shifting is always more challenging and complicated than local shifting in Bangalore. Check out the following pointers:

1. Plan the shifting 

When you are considering a house shifting from one distant city to another, you need to plan the entire process. First, you need to decide on the moving date. If you are in a position to choose the time of the year for your move, choose the off-season. Winter is the off-season in the moving industry due to less demand from the customers ensuring less moving charges. Again, while choosing the moving day, opt for a weekday in the middle of the month to avail of lesser moving charges. 

Next, you need to plan the budget for the house shifting from Bangalore to Delhi. While planning the budget, make sure that the moving expenses do not hinder your regular expenses. 

2. Prepare well

After planning the date and budget for the move, you need to start with the preparations without wasting any time. Create a checklist so that the preparations take place in an organised manner. Schedule the needful moving tasks and allot the number of days to complete the tasks. Finish the preparations according to the checklist and do not keep the tasks for the last minute. Otherwise, you have to face the unnecessary pressure of the undone tasks on the last day. 

3. Choose a moving company

As you consider a long-distance shift from Bangalore to Delhi, you should choose to move with the best packers and movers from Bangalore to Delhi. This will make your move easier and more comfortable. Plus, you can avail of moving insurance and your goods will be delivered on time. Choose a moving company in Bangalore with a good reputation and track record of excellent services. Visit their office and verify their credentials to assuring their authenticity before finalising them. 

4. De-clutter your household items

The moving charges depend on two main aspects; the distance of the move and the volume of the move. The distance from Bangalore to Delhi is 2175 kilometres and you cannot change it to reduce the moving charges. So, you should consider reducing the moving charges by reducing the size of the move. While preparing for the move, you need to steer clear of all the unnecessary household items which will help in cutting down the size of the move. 

5. Protect your valuables

You should protect the valuables in your house before it is too late. On a moving day, you will find your house in a state of utmost commotion. You cannot find important documents or precious items if you look for them amidst a mass of packing supplies and household goods. Therefore, pick out the prized pieces of jewellery, expensive watches, vintage items, dainty gadgets, and important documents and credentials and pack them in a separate bag. Keep the bag locked inside your wardrobe. Carry it with you and not with the packers and movers. 

If you do not pack your valuables first, you will lose them among all the household belongings on the moving day. Some of the documents like passports, Aadhar cards, educational certificates, bank documents, etc. are of prime value and you cannot afford to misplace them due to your negligence. So, pack them and keep them safe under your custody away from the packers and movers. 

6. Pack an overnight box

When you move from one house to another, you cannot unpack the packing boxes right away. It will take at least a week to unpack the boxes and arrange the new house in Delhi. Pack an overnight box for the same. Pack the essentials like bedding, fresh garments and undergarments, utensils, cleaning supplies, towels, and toiletries. You can use these essentials throughout this period. 

Do not forget to pack the overnight box. Or else, you will have to rummage through the packing boxes to find the essentials. It will be a chaotic experience each day. 

7. Insure your long-distance move

While conducting a house shift from Bangalore to Delhi, you should not think twice about insuring the move. It is mandatory to assure the safety of your goods on the go. When you meet your packers and movers for signing the moving contract, you should ask them to provide you with moving insurance. Read all the terms and conditions of the insurance papers. 

When you avail of moving insurance, the safety of your in-transit goods is guaranteed. If there is any loss or damage to the goods on the way from Bangalore to Delhi, your moving company will take care of the damages. They will pay you compensation for the damages or they may even replace the damaged product with a new one according to the terms of your moving insurance. 

8. Handle the utilities

When you move from one distant city to another, you need to be careful about handling the utilities like water connection, electricity connection, gas connection, DTH connection, internet connection, trash pickup services, and security guard services. Contact your current utility service providers in Bangalore and ask them to terminate the utilities as you move out of the house. Contact the utility providers of your new address in Delhi and ask them to provide you with new connections. 

Do not forget to handle the utilities. Otherwise, you have to pay extra in Bangalore even after your shift to Delhi. Again, if you forget to avail of new utilities, you have to sustain without the basic facilities in your new house. 


Bonus Tips: If you are excess household items and need storage for them, you can ask your mover for the same. Most moving companies offer warehousing and household storage facilities in Bangalore. 

Follow the above-mentioned pointers when you carry out house shifting from Bangalore to Delhi. I wish you a safe and sorted move!


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