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Why is Rakhi selection an important part of the Raksha Bandhan celebration?


The craze of selecting the best rakhi design has always been constant every Raksha Bandhan. Sisters do everything possible to get that perfect rakhi with the latest design to tie on their brother’s wrist. Do you know the reason behind this craze of sisters to get a different rakhi every time on Raksha Bandhan?

Being an exclusive Raksha Bandhan website for online rakhi shopping, shared its research with us. It gave us many reasons to understand why Rakhi selection is essential for sisters on Raksha Bandhan.

Mr. Deelip Kumar, Founder, and CEO of Rakhi Bazaar, said, “Every rakhi design has some meaning behind its making, and sisters are too emotional when it comes to their brothers. That is why they select the best rakhi to express their emotions to their brothers through rakhi design.”

He further shared some details on rakhi designs and their hidden meanings to help us understand better. We have shared the details below to get all the lesser-known knowledge on Raksha Bandhan and Rakhi selection.

Types of Rakhis and their hidden meaning:

  • Swastika Rakhi

The swastika is a Sanskrit word that translates to swast in Hindi. And swast translates to well-being in English. Hence, whenever you see a sister buying a swastika rakhi for her brother, know that all she wants for her brother is his well-being and prosperity.

  • Rudraksh Rakhi

Rudraksh is known as a prayer bead of significantly higher stature. Rudraksh is known to be happy tears of lord Rudra. Multiple people also wear Rudraksh as it protects the wearer from all sorts of negative energies and harmful effects of the evil eye. So, if a sister is determined only to get Rudraksh Rakhi for her brother, she is keen on protecting him from all kinds of negativity.

  • Chandan rakhi

Chandan or sandalwood is known to have a fragrance that impresses the almighty. That is why many people apply chandan tika on their foreheads, as it stimulates the ‘Anjani Chakra’ or a person’s third eye, as it is the center of our thoughts.

Chandan is also known to cool down a person; it is an excellent natural cooler with medicinal properties. So, if a sister buys an exclusively fragrant sandalwood rakhi, she wants her brother to have positive thoughts and stay cool to think straight under challenging times.

  • Silver rakhi

Silver has such exceptional healing qualities that it keeps a person healthy and away from multiple diseases. And therefore, a sister who only wants silver rakhi for her dearest brother wants her precious sibling to stay healthy and away from infections.

  • Mor Phank rakhi

Mor Pankh is a symbol of good fortune in Sanatan Dharma. Being too dear to Lord Krishna and goddess Saraswati, Mor Pankh or peacock feather attracts positive energy from its surroundings, so people like to keep it in various places in their houses.

Therefore, a sister who has planned to tie a Mor Pankh rakhi to her brother surely wants a good fortune for him and wants positivity to surround him from all sides.

All these auspicious reasons make Rakhi selection a crucial part of Raksha Bandhan celebration. A sister clearly informs her brother what she wants for him through the design of her rakhi. 

If you want to send all this goodness to your brothers residing abroad, read the details below and find out how to send Rakhi to Canada or any other country via Rakhi Bazaar.

Let your love cross all international borders to reach your brother 

If you have stopped celebrating Raksha Bandhan because your brother has moved out of the country, you are missing celebrations of one of the biggest festivals. And it is suggested not to do so as Rakhi Bazaar provides a facility to send rakhi to USA from India or any country you live. is a platform that has been providing international delivery services for Rakhi and Raksha Bandhan gift hampers. They have been doing this in almost all big countries that enthusiastically celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

So, avoid the distance becoming a roadblock in your yearly celebrations. Perform the rituals virtually by sending Rakhi to UK to your brother’s doorstep. This will not just give you the joy of celebrating the festival of siblinghood with your brother, however possible but will also make him emotional seeing your rakhi with traditional Indian sweets in an alien land.

So, this Raksha Bandhan, choose relationships over distance with the help of And don’t forget to pick a rakhi for your brother thoughtfully if you haven’t been doing that till now.

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