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How To Increase Business During Festive Season


The Great Indian Festival and Shopping Season have finally arrived! And that means placing your internet business in the spotlight in order to attract attention (and generate more sales) and meet those year-end objectives you’ve been working on. That’s why we’ve put up a fast guide to holiday marketing, along with some of the greatest small company Christmas marketing ideas! Over the last 14 months, there has been a tremendous shift in how and where Indian consumers purchase. While the majority of millennials in Tier-1 urban regions commonly purchase online, we are also seeing this trend spread to Tier-II and Tier-III cities. The heart of the Christmas “season” is colored stockings, a towering, dancing spruce tree, and, of course, loads of gatherings and excellent food. We may not celebrate all of the holidays, but your consumers will; increasing your sales during this season is a once-a-year opportunity.


While the months of July to September are excellent for businesses to begin planning for Christmas season sales, it is not too late to begin now. As a smaller business utilizing the recommendations in this piece, you still have plenty of time to develop a campaign or program to increase your revenue. You can buy rakhi online and get them delivered through online services.


Social media is a significant influencer. If you are a frequent user of social media, you cannot deny that it contains every other type of company landing page, whether it is a small café shop around the block or a global corporation with operations all over the world. Furthermore, studies show that those who “like” or “follow” your social media connections are, in reality, your personally employed but free brand ambassadors. Because your landing page can occasionally appear in users’ newsfeeds, social media can be a potent marketing tool for any organization; moreover, the ability to leave user feedback makes things even easier. Online flowers delivery has increased because of social media.


During the Christmas season, businesses typically provide incentives, discounts, special offers, and awards to their consumers, but they seldom consider local communities. Gaining over the sympathies of the audience is a subtle method of winning their hearts. Consider that Christmas, for example, is a season of ‘giving.’ Successful and bigger firms typically have a continuing social purpose project that benefits both sides, making it harder for smaller enterprises to compete. However, throughout the holiday season, you might look for charitable groups that connect with your own values and goal and meet with them to explore how you can help them.


Customer loyalty is critical to success, especially in the COVID-19 age. Consider providing special discounts, prizes, or presents to your most loyal clients this holiday season. Making these discounts available just to your most loyal clients shows your appreciation and encourages them to peruse your full collection. You may also utilize a special discount to introduce or reintroduce your clients to a new range of items that you want to move off your shelves. Remember that maintaining clients is typically more profitable than obtaining new ones, especially when customer acquisition grows more difficult with each passing year. Consumers are less inclined to spend their hard-earned money on something they don’t know during the coronavirus epidemic, so start with individuals who currently use and love your brand.


Online contests are one of the finest methods to expand your business all year, but they are especially effective during the Christmas season. We know that the vast majority of people have at least one social media account. Furthermore, we recognize that individuals are more willing to connect with a new brand if there is no financial risk. In other words, someone who has followed your business on social media but has never purchased from your online store is more likely to become a paying client after entering your contest. Prizes for contests might vary based on your marketing objectives. For example, you may invite your fans to join your contest by sharing your page with their friends, like one of your posts, or subscribing to your newsletter.


Finally, if you need to make rapid judgments regarding your Christmas marketing strategy this year, go over last year’s data analytics. Despite the fact that COVID-19 has altered the way many people purchase, data from earlier sales cycles can still be relevant and provide new ideas. Examining comments, sales, and product shortages, social media, email, and website data may help you determine your strengths and problems.

The COVID-19 epidemic touched millions of entrepreneurs across the country, compelling virtually all to adjust how their businesses run and causing others to close permanently. While the Christmas season is always important for businesses, the 2022 holiday season represents an opportunity to conclude an otherwise stressful and difficult year on a bright note. By capitalizing on the Holiday rush – by giving discounts, establishing e-commerce presences, and investing in seasonal marketing – your company may increase sales.

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