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Looking into the future of Artificial intelligence engineering in India. 


Automation in India is emerging as a saviour. The country is suffering from a population problem and the ever-growing nation needs more efficient services to withstand the future. The ongoing recession was already taking its toll on overextended Indian infrastructure. And the lockdowns nailed down the nation to a halt. Now, in 2022, the country is slowly recovering and looking forward to a more efficient future. And automation can make the dream come true. Upgradation in this new world is of the essence and securing a fulfilling career in automation is one artificial intelligence engineering course away for many professionals. Tech and IT professionals can take up an artificial engineering course online and embark on a new journey with ease. Online courses are all about work-life balance and for most professionals, a flexible schedule is a lucrative proposition. And not utilising this golden opportunity can prove to be a foolish decision soon enough. 

Why now?

Artificial intelligence, despite raising ethical and humanitarian lightning rods, is perhaps the only solution to the “efficiency problem”. Automation can eradicate human errors from day-to-day processes and can increase the value of human labour. Things can get a bit difficult though. The implementation of AI in day-to-day scenarios will increase the chances of unemployment. Thus people adept at taking care of mundane and routine tasks will likely lose their jobs. However, in most cases, AI can not be relied upon in an unsupervised paradigm. Especially in the public sector, where errors and bad decisions can lead to loss of human life. Thus the development of adept AI-enabled systems is of the essence and an AI engineer is thus an asset for any organisation. 

Ai entities need a lot of data to train. All the individual machine learning and deep learning components must be optimised by using a huge load of relevant data. The processing capabilities required for managing this huge sum of data are a recent addition to the human arsenal. And AI engineers are the ones who can harness the immense power of automation with these newfound abilities. Given the time and the demands of humanity, pursuing an artificial intelligent engineering course can be a life changing proposition at the moment. 

Real-world implementations 

Traffic management 

Traffic is the most detrimental aspect of city life. Traffic can ruin a day and inflict losses in the most unwanted manner. This massive discomfort has always attracted a lot of attention and engaged a lot of human and financial resources. Roads are like the arteries of a population centre and keeping them safe and free of nuisance is of the essence. Thus perfection is necessary in most cases. A traffic control AI can be armed with motion sensors, cameras and feature extraction algorithms. Such AI can detect and prosecute any vehicle or driver with ease and from almost a kilometre away. 

Customer support 

In the commercial sector, customer support has always been a resource-intensive process. This very expensive operation must go on continuously and perform constantly. Many businesses like internet or telecom providers earn their reputation through fast customer support. Errors due to exhaustion in this field are like a No-No scenario for the ventures. Today’s chatbots and automated customer support systems are trained using language and chat data from multiple ethical sources. And they almost feel like human beings. The mundane and routine enquiries and troubles can be easily dealt with by the training and deployment of relevant AI. 


We have all encountered purchase suggestions from e-commerce websites. And wondered how they suggested just the thing I need! It is now possible to suggest exactly what you need, without you knowing that yourself. It is possible due to the abundance of purchase data and well-trained Ai that can utilise the data. However, the process only sounds simple and requires a lot of effort and analysis, let alone the time needed for training such an AI. Needless to say, a manager armed with an artificial intelligence engineering course is a valued asset in this scenario. And the relevance is expected to sustain for a long time to come.


In the healthcare sector, Artificial intelligence is helping in making sense of large sums of medical and historical data. This untapped power is now being harnessed for the development of personalised medicine and therapies. In addition to that, artificial intelligence is being used in the case of real-time remote diagnosis. Smart wearable bands are being used for assessing the symptoms and signs remotely. And the same is transmitted to a concerned AI. and based on the AI’s assessments alarms are issued. Histological and metabolic studies are now being almost automated thanks to the emergence of relevant, well-trained AI in many fields. 

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