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Why is BHMCT the Best Course in Hospitality Management?


There has always been that one person in every friend group that is extroverted and is a good communicator. These people would certainly thrive working in industries that allow them to work face to face with other people. One of the best examples of such an industry is the hospitality and catering technology industry.

Some of the best universities in MP like the MGU and India offer several undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in hospitality management. Thousands of students choose them for a chance to work in an exciting job field. The pay is high and there are lots of opportunities to travel. What are some other benefits these students enjoy besides these? Let us find out more.

What is BHMCT?

The BHMCT or Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology is an undergraduate degree in the hospitality industry. The three to the four-year-long program is a basic dive into learning how to work in the hospitality industry. There are dedicated universities and even general universities that offer this course. Admission typically takes place on a merit basis of the previous examination. Alternatively, universities also hold their own entrance exams that qualify students to take admission.

Why should one study BHMCT?

Students should study BHMCT only from reputed colleges or universities such as IIM, Mansarovar Global University, and Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition, Pusa. Getting a degree in BHMCT from such a platform opens countless opportunities such as;

Worldwide Opportunities: Hospitality management jobs are available across the globe. Both national and international recruiters seek out BHMCT degree holders. Certain hotel chains like Marriott and IHG Hotels and resorts have branches across the world. To man the gates at these branches, experienced professionals are required. Besides hotels and resorts, other industries like restaurants, travel agencies, wellness facilities, clubs, etc also hire hospitality management students. The best news is that pay is done as the country’s standard and there are plenty of opportunities to progress to higher ranking positions. Here, it is worth noting that for certain jobs, additional training or a significant amount of work experience could be required.

Diverse Career Options: As a continuation of a point made above, a varying range of industries require hospitality management students. The primary recruiters are hotels and resorts. Thereafter, restaurants, food chains, elderly care centers, and even tourism companies hire hospitality management experts. Based on the skillset of the individual, concentration, and also passion, the job options are truly endless. Event management companies that deal with organizing catering or hospitality management events also hire BHMCT students in a full-time capacity. Besides working hands-on in the hospitality industry, behind-the-scenes jobs like Customer Care and also Marketing also benefit from hospitality management professionals.

Learn Essential In-Demand Skills: Hotel management colleges in Bhopal and India aim to teach theory, and practical knowledge and also have skill-based learning. Since hospitality management jobs involve a lot of interacting with customers, one must have impeccable interpersonal skills. Some of the on-demand skills that most employers look for in their employees hire BHMCT students. For instance, skills like teamwork, leadership, managerial and also finance, operations, and marketing are taught to students. Even when switching careers and industries, these skills come in handy. Having the right soft skills are essential to get a competitive advantage during job interviews and even for promotions.

Job Satisfaction: Some individuals have an inert passion for serving and helping people. The hospitality industry is the perfect job place for them. Individuals working here are able to work hands-on with customers. Any problems or queries are solved and there is immediate feedback, good or bad. This form of receiving feedback is quite positive and rewarding. Each job profile, furthermore, requires a lot of leadership. Most people are also working on their own, with one manager at the most. They are making their own decisions to the best of their capability. To work in such an atmosphere brings about an immense sense of satisfaction at the end of the day with a job well done.

Networking: Any university in Bhopal and India that offers BHMCT besides teaching students how to work at their jobs also teaches how to network. Hospitality workers are interacting with people of different backgrounds and cultures. At the end of the course and even when working, one is able to carve out a significant network of like-minded people. This very network can come in helpful when least expected. For tips and tricks, mental support, and also for job recommendations. This community of hospitality workers is not limited to just one country or state but spans across nations. These people become a home away from home when working in a new country.

Explore the world: It goes without saying that hospitality management and catering technology jobs offer lots of opportunities to travel. When one is not working they can step out to explore a new city and its attractions. Especially when one is working in a travel and tourism workplace, most of the job responsibilities are done outside in the field. However, work hours are long in this industry and quite tiring. One does get regular time off from work which leaves plenty of time to explore the city. To be able to work and also visit new countries seems like a dream job.

Switch careers: Due to the nature of the jobs in hospitality management, it is easy to switch jobs and industries. From the front desk to the operations to the kitchen, there are plenty of departments to work in. Administrative departments such as Finance and Marketing also hire BHMCT students, as written above. On occasion, individuals working in different industries can also switch over to working in hospitality. Besides the full-time degree programs, there are also short-term diploma courses that can allow you to do just that. The hospitality and tourism department is extremely flexible and has enough space for workers to explore their interests.

Choosing to study a particular course is an inherently personal decision. Various factors come into play such as finance, interests, aggregate marks, etc. On the occasion that one does choose to work in the hospitality industry, there are many benefits. Numerous job opportunities, the ability to travel, competitive salaries, the ability to switch careers, and also having a sense of job satisfaction are some such benefits. To explore the full scope of benefits any career offers, one must take the leap and get admission to a suitable BHMCT course from any recognized university like MGU. It is the best university in MP that provides the best hotel management courses. For more detail, kindly visit the official website of MGU. 

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