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Reasons Why Automobile Engineering Is A Great Career Choice    


What is Automobile Engineering?

Automobile engineering is the study of the conceptualization, design, manufacture, and operation of automobiles. The automobile engineering program is a specialized degree. It is a purview into the basics and expertise in the field of automobiles and electronics. It is the evolution of mechanical engineering that focuses solely on movable vehicles and the automobile industries. A diploma in automobile engineering covers topics such as fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, electronics, thermodynamics, control systems, fuel emission, motorsport, and other areas related to the production and maintenance of commercial and personal vehicles. 

A diploma in automobile engineering is best suited for those interested in a career in the auto industry. Since it is a technical field, having a formal education such as a diploma is the best way to stream ahead and build a career in the field.

The Scope of Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering is one of the exciting and up-and-coming fields of engineering in the 21st century. The rise in demand for environmentally efficient vehicles is one of the main reasons why leading colleges have seen an uproar in admissions for automobile engineering in BTech colleges in Kerala. Younger people are attracted to the idea of new technology, sustainable development, and enduring products that will be relevant decades from now. The hybrid future of the auto industry will require trained professionals and innovators who can take the field forward and make affordable vehicles for everyday use. 

Automobile engineering graduates can seek employment in auto production plants, auto labs, motorsport companies, vehicle design companies, and the transport industry. They can also build a career in the territory category of the industry, which includes insurance companies, service stations, automobile marketing, research, etc.

Leading Job Roles for Automobile Engineering Graduates

ParticularsDefinitionAverage Starting Salary
Automobile Engineer An Automobile engineer is the chief architect of the hardware and engine of an automobile. The job includes any and all process that goes into designing and developing vehicles and procedures responsible for the functioning of automobiles. A diploma in automobile engineering colleges in Kerala has now become the prime choice of candidate due to the handsome salary after the completion of the course.INR 5 – 6 Lakhs per annum. 
Sales ManagerA sales manager introduces and markets automobiles to customers and prospective buyers and illuminates them with the technical details of vehicles.INR 3 – 4 Lakhs per annum. 
Design EngineerDesign engineers are developers who design products fit for everyday and commercial use of vehicles. INR 6 – 8 Lakhs per annum. 
Research and Development EngineerR&D Engineers develop new products and technologies that add to the functioning and security of products. INR 6 – 7 Lakhs per annum. 
Engine ManufacturerEngine manufacturers are product-based engineers who focus on the manufacturing process of automobiles.INR 8 – 11 Lakhs per annum. 

Six Reasons Why Automobile Engineering Is A Great Choice For You

  1. Graduation in a niche

    An automobile engineer is a niche-specific degree that specializes in automotive manufacturing. In an industry with plenty of blue-collar jobs that can be qualified for people without a degree, a diploma gives you an edge and places you ahead of your competition. Graduation with a concentration in a specific stream maximizes your chances of becoming an expert in the field. 
  2. Entry into a developing field

    60% of people under the age of 22 who are studying will pursue jobs that haven’t been invented or mainstreamed yet. Automobile engineering is one of the ever-evolving fields which will go through a constant influx of new technology and products, thus creating endless new jobs in the process. While most engineering courses at polytechnic colleges in Kottayam are at the risk of obsoletion due to changes in public demand or artificial intelligence, automobile engineers can confidently foray into a field which will always include human diligence, supervision, and creativity. 
  3. Forward-thinking Stream

    The automobile industry isn’t all about building trucks and fancy cars. It is the field of scientific research, innovation and consistent development that must reflect the current trends and market demands. The field is progressing with thrilling acceleration, especially in the models of cars and two-wheelers that are both durable and satisfying for lower-middle class citizens of India and the world. It takes vision, care, and intense scientific calibre to design motion on wheels, and automobile engineers are poised to take on the responsibility to take the field forward. 
  4. Introduction to innovative technology

    The leading technology being used in electric vehicles today wasn’t even conceived a decade ago. Automobile technology is constantly evolving. The diploma in automobile engineering from private polytechnic colleges in Kerala such as TOMS College of Engineering  prepares you for a job in the auto industry with lessons in old technology. As you progress in your career, several specializations in areas of expertise open up and you can grab senior positions in the industry. 
  5. Steady job opportunities

    There are ample job opportunities available at all levels of the design, production, and marketing of automobiles. Several great positions in all levels of manufacturing and production stages of automobiles will have great positions available as you graduate. It is the best undergraduate program for those interested in making a career in the automobile industry. 
  6. International opportunities

    The global market, east and west both, are witnessing a boom in the auto production industry. Small and medium-sized companies from around the globe are leading the production of various auto parts that are essentially used in vehicles of all shapes, kinds and utilizes. These industries often bring in international talent due to a lack of white-collar and blue-collar talent in their home countries. India is the foremost exporter of engineers in the world, and the highly-skilled workforce, especially automobile engineers, have a chance to build a life in foreign countries of their choice.

And that’s how pursuing automobile engineering is great for your career.

Pursuing a Diploma course in Automobile Engineering from TOMS College of Engineering is one of the best career choices that you ever make. Getting placement after such diploma courses is highly mandatory to survive in the highly competitive market. Careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are a great choice for those interested. The steady pay, satisfying job, benefits, and stability make it a worthy consideration for thousands of young professionals. Unlike all other streams, the diploma in automobile engineering diploma in Kerala is one with great promise and an easy admission process. 

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