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How to Design Custom Car Decals for Your Brand 2022


Marketing is a critical responsibility for business leaders. Small business owners, in particular, have to perform smart and strategic marketing to stand out from their competitors. Thankfully, the best marketing and promotional tools in the market are still very cost-effective.

Marketing tools like custom-printed car decals don’t cost much but offer countless benefits to brand leaders. According to a recent study, 50% of small business leaders spend less than two hours every week on marketing efforts. That’s not enough if you want your small business to have a strong and impactful brand.

Even if your brand uses low-cost marketing tools like custom-printed car stickers and decals – proper planning is critical. If your business is using custom stickers and decals as promotional tools, you need to ensure they’re designed properly. How to create impactful and eye-catching marketing stickers for your brand? Here’s the detailed guide –

Visible at a Distance

Car stickers and decals don’t get too much time to make impressions on target customers. These stickers are installed on the surfaces of company vehicles. Stickers and decals on moving vehicles are not easy to spot for consumers. That’s why your car’s custom decals need to be highly visible and easy to read, even from long distances.

  • Give the decals bold and clear headlines. The headline of your decal should feature your brand’s name in bold and visible fonts. Keep this section of your custom decal as simple as possible. Display your brand name as prominently as possible so that target customers can understand it within seconds of viewing.
  • The secondary details of your custom stickers should also be highly visible. Use slightly smaller fonts to compose this section. Make sure the color of this text contrasts the headline and the other design elements of your sticker.
  • Make sure to add small QR codes to your custom decals. These codes don’t take up too much space. These unique codes can be used to redirect customers to your company website. Customers should be able to scan these codes on their phones.

Make the Most of Contrasting Colors

Thanks to digital editing software tools, you can customize each inch of your custom decals and stickers. Use these tools to add design elements featuring contrasting colors and gradients to your stickers.

For example, let’s say your brand’s name is printed in red on your custom decal. Use a contrasting color (like yellow) to print other design elements on the decal. The contrasting colors will make your decals even more eye-catching.

Smart and Strategic Spacing

Car stickers and decals aren’t big in size. So, each design element on your custom decal needs to be bold and easy to read. The simple way to achieve this effect is by placing spaces between different design elements on the sticker. Ensure there’s enough space around each individual design element of the decals. 

For example, there should be enough white space between your brand’s logo and your marketing messages. Use these decal design hacks to create the best custom-printed decals for your company vehicles!

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