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ES File Explorer (An excellent file and programme manager)


ES file explorer pro APK

ES File Explorer is a great software and file explorer. It has a number of extra capabilities, including a tool for stopping current applications and immediate storage in cloud drive (through SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox). You may use it on your smartphone and your PC because it has an FTP client. The program enables any Android user to quickly handle all personal files, allowing them to view and share everything on their smartphone. It’s now faster to upload images, watch films, and manage your 3G network. 

As always, the ES File Explorer PRO apk will give you lots of high quality and excellent service. Let’s check out what features ES pro edition provides.


In the free version of ES file explorer, a lot of advertisements are waiting for you, one after the other. But ES file explorer pro version is free of advertisements. WoW!

More possibilities for customizing the start page, including an updated color panel and much more start page settings.

More to come from the Alitech ES File Explorer (File Manager) team as they aim to retain the app as the best efficient file explorer for Android.

Through ES, you can easily attach your Chromecast device, browse your FTP server, and transfer files via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

File Manager

List any type of file with ease, including repositories for all pictures, music, and video file. Connect a file on a computer, phone, Mac, tablet, Linux server, and cloud. You can access your internal and external SD card, and internal storage. It can manage your documents as you manage on your PC or laptop using the cut, copy and paste option, create, move, delete, search, send, share, hide, bookmark, and create a shortcut. 

Transfer file anywhere

Through the ES pro version, you can transfer data anywhere from mobile to another mobile, mobile to PC, and PC to mobile. 

Platforms supported

Platforms supported are Yandex, SkyDrive, Google Drive,, Dropbox, SugarSync, and Amazon S3. Many other platforms are supported by the ES file explorer pro version. 

Analyze SD card

ES allows you to examine your SD card utilization and adjust data as needed based on the findings.


Files can be copy-pasted among devices containing Bluetooth. For exploring devices and transferring data among Bluetooth devices, ES File Explorer supports the OBEX communication protocol. 

Speed up your device

Now you can speed up your device with a single click. You can add a widget of tasks cleaner provided by ES File Explorer to your home screen. It will check the current condition of RAM and clean it. You can add the list of applications in the ignore list that you don’t want to clean. 

Root users 

For root users, the ultimate suite of file management features is available. Allows the user to alter permissions and gain access to the complete system files and all data folders.


Languages supported by ES File explorer are Russia, Spanish, German, French, Czech, Catalan, Tamil, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, English, etc. 

Charging feature

It’s charging feature shows charging percentage, Sim card status, SD card status, and newly added files. You can access all files 90% faster. 

Show thumbnails

Any APK you stored in ES File Explorer, ES File Explorer will show you thumbnails for pictures and APKS.


ES file explorer allows you to manage all of your files, including those on your micro SD card phone’s memory, cloud storage, and LAN. ES file explorer comes with the ability to move, copy, delete, create, rename, and transfer data to and from your phone’s storage. It also allows you to search for and retrieve data by category. 

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