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How to choose a marine sewer pipe


The Marine Sanitary Ware (MSD) is very useful for voyages of any length and is essential for any ship that has a flush toilet that moves through inland waterways. Some MSDs treat raw wastewater in such a way that it is discharged directly from the container without polluting the environment. However, some countries have rough terrain without unloading (usually when there is no access to the sea), so check the rules with your local Coast Guard or regulatory agency before cruising.

The main component of any MSD is a sanitary pipe. There are many options to choose from when installing a new system, and this article discusses several pipe options and their characteristics. Choosing a plumber is very important to your personal needs: there is no best choice. Make sure any pipe you choose is clearly marked “Sanitary”.

Sanitary cleaning offers many benefits. It must effectively divert sewage from the toilet to the holding tank, catching the tank to the point of suction and all ventilation. Naturally, the spread of odors is highly undesirable, so study your options carefully to find out which one is best for your particular situation. Also, a poor installation negates its benefits, regardless of the pipe you choose. The line should have no folds, loops or drop and all connections should be tight. Unless otherwise specified, do not use alcohol, Assainissement île de France, petrochemicals, or solvents in sanitary pipes. The maximum operating temperature (both hot and cold) is set before all pipes are disconnected. If you are in extreme weather conditions, pay attention to these details.

Shields pipes have many excellent options to choose from, with two options for your drinking water needs as opposed to your sewer system. All of them have a perpetual or partial guarantee against odor spread and all are flexible enough to bend over a narrow radius.

The PolyX sanitary hose combines rubber flexibility with polyurethane penetration resistance to create the perfect choice for absolute stability. It does not require external devices but slides on and around most devices. Easy to clean and well abrasion resistant. It is mainly used for re-moving and relocating in a tank.

The Vac Extra Heavy Duty / FDA hose is made of PVC with a vinyl coil. It is rated for complete vacuum and resistance to mild chemicals, permeability and saline water. It is mainly used for entering and unloading bile pump, sink, shower and sewer and is suitable for filling drinking water tank as well as for most sanitary applications.

Shields sanitary pipe consists of EPDM hose and cover, wire reinforcement and two layers of fabric. This creates a durable and very flexible tube. It is resistant to toilet chemicals and is very resistant to ozone, salt water and heat. It is best used to connect to the toilet mounting tank and from the holding tank to the suction point. It is particularly resistant to odor penetration.

Shields Walk Extra Heavy Duty / Commercial and Super PVC Sanitary Hose is also made of PVC with vinyl coil. The latter is not suitable for drinking water as it contains an anti-fungal substance that helps control odor. It is best used in the water transfer tank from the toilet and to the suction point of the holding tank, while the former can be used for the entry of accounting pumps and for drainage, drinking water, drainage and ventilation, and for pump openings. This pipe (Shields Walk Extra Heavy Duty / Commercial Pipe) is used to connect the bottom of the water pipe.

There are two excellent options for supplying a pressurized water system (hot and cold), with efficient flush pipes for pump connection and head inlets. Both have polyester tape reinforcement with vinyl vinyl in an ultra-transparent FDA formula. Heavy duty polyester reinforced PVC pipes are very durable to fold and all transparent polyester reinforced red PVC pipes have an explosion pressure of 250 # psi and can also be used for drainage lines.

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