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How to Access Instagram Follower Count History (2022)


It’s clear that Instagram analytics are vital for social media marketing. It helps you to understand your prospects and prevent future problems. It allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your actions as well as your audience engagement. The most important Instagram metrics is the follower count. It is often a measure of how followers react to your content and their level of interest. It’s more than the number of followers you have. An overview of your follower history can help you improve your content strategy, which in turn will increase interest in your profile. Moreover. You can buy Malaysian Instagram followers by clicking here. Use this free tool to view the history of Instagram follower Get our free tracking tool to view your followers count history. This tool allows you to see how quickly any account (influencer, brand) gets the audience. This graph shows the follower history for two years.

How do I find out how many Instagram fans I have on a particular date?

Instagram’s Insights feature was launched a few years back. It made it much easier to analyze your metrics. Analytics data can now be accessed on all basic metrics, including followers, likes and comments, impressions and reach. Unfortunately, Instagram Insights only provides very limited information. You have two options if you are looking for in-depth analytics or tracking the performance of your profile over time. Either you write down your analytics data every week or you search for a more comprehensive tool.

1. Analyze your account

TrendHERO allows you to analyze any Instagram account provided that it is not private. You can request a report to create your own. This report contains detailed data about multiple metrics, including growth of followers: The follower growth chart displays how many followers you have gained/lost over the past month, and how your follower dynamic has changed over the past two years. You can also hover your cursor over the chart to see how many followers were active on a particular day during that time period. Sign up to receive one report for free. You can check multiple profiles at once by signing up for one of our subscription plans ($1 or less).

2. Keep track of your account

TrendHERO has added the Tracking feature to its platform. It allows you to track your profiler’s performance over time, and it also notes any small changes in your metrics. This chart shows how your followers have changed over time. It defaults to month but you can choose any other period. The orange line shows how your followers changed over the period. However, the graph below shows how many you gained/lost each day. You can keep track of the number of followers you have by actively using both of these features.

What data can I use to increase Instagram’s performance?

Accessing data is easy in today’s digital age. TrendHERO and other analytics services are proof that you can access detailed information about any and all IG metrics. But, just having the data isn’t enough. It is important to know how to make use of that data to your advantage. What is the most important information that analytics data provides? What is the most important information analytics data? And how can it be used to help you grow? This gives your insight into the interests of your followers and allows you to adjust your strategy accordingly. You might notice an increase in your followers after you introduce a new content format. You should make it a habit. This gives you a better idea of your target audience’s behaviour. What time do they spend online? What is their average time spent browsing Instagram? What time do they engage most with your content? These questions will allow you to improve your content strategy for greater return. Historical data shows you what works and what doesn’t. It’s possible that your content isn’t engaging enough. You may be speaking to the wrong audience, and need to target another demographic.

1. How do I check my Instagram follower history?

To change your Instagram follower history, tap the Settings menu and choose Insights. Upon doing this, however, you will notice that the platform only gives you limited information. You can only track the follower count history for the past 7 days. It’s useful, but you may need more historical data. TrendHERO is an analytics service that can provide this data.

2. Is it possible to track the growth of your followers on Instagram over time?

It is difficult to track the growth of your followers on Instagram over time. You can track your followers’ growth history manually by creating spreadsheets using the weekly information from Instagram Insights. This is because Instagram’s native analytics tool costs nothing. It will take you a while. If you are willing to use paid analytics services that will save you time and effort, trendHERO’s tracking feature is for you.

3. What is a good Instagram follower growth rate?

Instagram has the highest average growth rate of all social media platforms. The average monthly rate of growth is just over 2%. Divide the amount of followers that you have gained in a month by the number of followers you had at the beginning of the time period to calculate your follower growth rate.

4. How can I increase my number of followers?

Research your target audience to ensure that your followers grow consistently. This information will help you to create a content strategy. Analytics tools can be used to monitor your performance and to make changes to your strategy as needed.

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