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Frequently Asked Questions about Contemporary Art in Sydney


Visual art is the key to viewing and experiencing life in a new light, and Sydney’s art scene delves into the sphere of visual art with the promise to display and deliver the best pieces to you. Contemporary art in Sydney is taking over Australia’s art space and giving local and emerging artists a chance to leave their mark through their colours, paints, and vision. The bright and diverse culture of contemporary art in the continent is driving people to purchase and install art pieces by emerging artists in their homes for aesthetic appeal and to give local artists a platform to rise.

Frequently Asked Questions about Contemporary Art

What is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary art is an art form that takes inspiration from daily life experiences and presents art in paintings, sculptures, portraits, and natural landscapes. Since the word ‘contemporary’ means multiple things, people, or events existing at the same time, contemporary art is a medium for local artists to display their talent and view of the world.

Who are Australia’s Renowned Contemporary Artists?

Australia is home to various excellent and up-and-coming contemporary artists, such as:

  • Mel Brigg: Mel Briggs, a South African-born artist, is known for his visual interpretation of natural landscapes like beaches and skies, which often hold a moody colour.
  • Palla Jeroff: Born in Urumqi, Xinjiang, Palla Jeroff has worked and painted in Australia for over thirty years, and proof of his talent and vision is displayed in exhibitions and collections across the globe, including Sydney and China’s Guangdong Museum.
  • Colin Passmore: With his unique and innovative painting styles, Colin Passmore’s diverse art palette highlights the Australian outback desert and the coastal life of the continent.
  • John Maitland: Known for his expressive and contemporary art, John Maitland’s art displays figurative visions, spirituality, grace, experiences, and stories of people belonging to different cultures.

What are the Most Popular Contemporary Art Pieces?

Sydney’s art market delivers a unique and diverse art portfolio with art pieces such as:

  • Afternoon in the City Centre by David Hinchliffe
  • Pink Sky: After the Dust Storm by Peter Coad
  • Night Flowers on the Peninsula by Emily Persson
  • Sacred Realm 31 by Kris Ancog
  • Faces of Clouds by Conchita Carambano
  • Sundrenched Rocks by Paul Battams
  • Din Din Gorge by Rex Turnbull
  • Basket Weaver by Ray Crooke
  • Lotus Pond Music by Ji Chen
  • Seaside Reflections by Falk Kautzner

What are the Factors to Consider When Buying Contemporary Art?

Not only does contemporary art brighten up your space, making it an excellent home décor accessory, but it is also a great medium to promote emerging or established artists. However, some factors to consider when purchasing contemporary art for your home.

  • Art Galleries

Art galleries – online or offline – are a safe starting point for learning about and buying contemporary art. Art galleries display various art pieces by local, established, and anonymous artists and give you a chance to explore your taste and the art style you wish to have in your home.

  • Learn about the Artists

Before purchasing an art piece, look up, read, and learn about the artist to know about them, their vision, and inspiration since you would be displaying their painting in your space.

  • Price

Purchase art from a gallery and store that offers you the best and most affordable prices for the artworks without compromising on their quality.

In Conclusion

Contemporary Art in Sydney is available in various art forms and art styles. It provides a medium for artists to display their art and talent and allows them to make a living.

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