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Car Tinting: The Best Way to Style Your Car


Car tinting has become the most necessary element to showcase some dignity and class. With many options to choose from, it is always challenging to choose the right car tint that suits the vehicle of every type. Getting the best car tinting in Brisbane can be a hectic task, but with proper research, it becomes straightforward to get the most economical yet good quality car tint.

Brisbane is home to a lot of sports and luxury cars. The demand for tinted windows has risen tremendously over the past years. People of Brisbane have become more inclined to their privacy, which brings in the role of car tinting services. 

What Is the Best?

There are a lot of varieties of car tinting that provide different advantages to the car. Each comes with different pricing and offers various options. Check what suits the car best to choose the most suitable tinting option within a reasonable budget. Some of the options are


This uses nanotechnology with top-end standards for better performance with clear visibility. Rayno Phantom S5 offers high durability and has a TSER of 51 per cent and IR Rejection of 53 per cent.


It maintains the same blackness for a very long time and never becomes purple. 3M uses nano-carbon technology with polyester in manufacturing the tint. This non-metallic tint offers zero signal interference, providing comfortable signal transmission. This model tint of 3M has TSER of 40 per cent and IR Rejection of 54 per cent.


This model from RAYNO window film offers similar properties as that of S5, with TSER and IR Rejection variability of 54 per cent and 70 per cent, respectively.


One more product in the Phantom series, the Rayno Phantom S9, offers a higher TSER of 58 per cent and IR Rejection of 92 per cent.


The ceramic window tint from 3M offers higher IR rejection with the help of nano-ceramic technology. TSER provided by this window tint stands at 52 per cent, but the IR rejection is 85 per cent.

Necessity or Just Fashion?

Car tinting in Brisbane, of course, gives the car a dashing yet stunning look that makes one not take off the eyes. There has been a notion among many people that car tinting is just an unnecessary expenditure on the pocket. Is it true? No, says the car experts. It is not just a luxurious element on your car but also has other advantages.

Some of the advantages of car tinting are:

Cooler Car

The window tints with higher IR rejection are more efficient in keeping the car cooler for a longer time, even in the scorching sun. The Rayno Phantom S9 offers IR rejection of 92 per cent and does this job more efficiently.

Durable Interiors

With lesser heat penetration due to IR rejection and blockage of Ultra violet rays, the car’s interiors made of fibre, leather, and plastic last longer than those without a window tint.


Car is like moving home for most people who keep their valuables in the car when leaving the vehicle. Some thieves tempted by the visible items might try to break into the car. So, having a window tint reduces the possibility of such an event of theft.

Classy Look

The window tint for a car gives a luxurious, classy, yet sassy look for the vehicle. This stylish look of the car cannot be missed at any cost. So, get the best car tinting in Brisbane to make your vehicle look the most modern.

 There are a lot of car tinting centres in and around Brisbane. Find the most trustable car tinting service centre in Brisbane and get your car windows tinted to enjoy the benefits.

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