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Flowers to Grow in Missouri


Missouri is a state in the midwest of the United States. It is 19 the most populous state in the US, it shares its border with a number of other states like Kentucky and Tennessee. Missouri is known for its historical roots which point toward Mississippian culture. The weather conditions in this state of Missouri are humid and subtropical. Flowers are avid in this region and add to the existing beauty of the place. Missouri is also known for St Louis Gateway Arch, Museum of Art and so much more.

If you would like for your garden to be all pretty and colorful, flowers this summer are a great choice.

Here are a few flowers you can grow in Missouri- 

  1. Purple Coneflower- A plant that is resistant to all moisture, warmth, and some amount of cold. This purple flower with pointed petals and a perky yellow center can be spotted around the city. These can grow up to 2- 4 feet in height, and plant in early spring with some compost and sun. 
  2. Astilbe- Looking like a mini Christmas tree this flower has tall plumes like colorful flowers. The shape of this is unusual and inluke normal blooms. This grows well in shady areas that get some direct sunlight. Plant this in spring or fall with well-drained but moist soil. 
  3. Virginia Bluebells- Looks like natural bells hanging down as tiny flowers. This plant is known for its unique shape and color. We would need organically rich soil,  just when the spring is about to start. These grow up to 2-3 inches and look just mesmerizing. 
  4. Lenten Rose- This flower is known to bloom in the wintertime, also called Hellebore.  Plant these in full in early spring or fall, in partial shade. These can grow up to 12 – 18 inches. The soil for this one should be well-drained, moist, and fertile. These also make a great filler flower get flower delivery in st louis mo with Irene’s flower design. 
  5. Black-eyed Susan- Another commonly spotted one, this makes a great color option with its yellow petals and black center. These plants can grow up to 3 Feet, from the month of March to may you can plant the seeds of this flower in fertile well-drained soil. 
  6. New England Aster-A pretty little flower with a beaming center, the color usually seen is purple and thin petals. These can grow up to 6 Ft tall. This plant needs well-drained soil, free flow of air, a humid climate, and direct sun. 
  1. Peony- These are gorgeous flowers to have in your garden. Peonies grow in the month of May and June, these grow best in direct sun, but too much sun can wilt the flowers. Get these bunch of peonies at st Louis florist. 

With flower delivery Affton, MO you can bring these flowers to yourself, and send them across to your friends and family. Flowers are easy to maintain and grow, if you would like to bring a part of nature to your home, get these amazing flowers online. Flowers are easy to maintain and grow, if you would like to bring a part of nature to your home, get these amazing flowers online. 

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