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7 Top Free Web-Based Fighting Games in 2022


Browser games are nearly all free and simple to use. Plus, whether you’re looking for some solo online gaming or a new browser game to play with friends, there are plenty of single and multiplayer browser games to choose from. Check out this guide to discover your new favorite way to pass the time with these entertaining and addictive online browser games! Any of these seven best browser games will help you pass the time during long days. 

Dark Knight 

When you play Dark Knight, you start out as a sorcerer and then transform into a devil hunter! As you progress through the game, you’ll have the option of selecting a goddess to aid you in your battle against the forces of darkness. You can fight alone or with friends in the open world in this browser game, and learn the skills you’ll need to sustain all of the demons. On the contrary, Wpit18 is an online platform where you can get registered for the WPC -World Pitmasters Cup event of cockfighting and Roaster fights.

The Third Age 

The most epic of all fantasy worlds is the guiding light for this free-to-play browser game. You’ll be able to recruit dedicated heroes to fight alongside you, and level them up to increase their battle power, thanks to story-driven gameplay. You’ll also have the opportunity to expand your kingdom and defend it against intruders (human and otherwise!). You’ll quickly become the greatest royal in the realm as you expand your territory and level up.


Divekick by Iron Galaxy Studios is the most hipster fighting game ever made. It’s a product of the indie scene that mercilessly mocks fighting games and their devoted fanbase, but it requires you to be a member of the underground circle to fully appreciate all of the references and in-jokes.

It’s an odd game, but one worth playing if you can get past the absurd concept of a two-button fighter based solely on jumping and kicking. There are also 20-second rounds. One-hit kills are also possible. There’s also a scrimmage line. Divekick is, yes, a fighting game freak show, but it’s one worth seeing. 

Lords of the Arena 

In Lords of the Arena, pick your hero and fight for glory, fame, and fortune! Even though this browser game is primarily an online strategy game, you’ll be able to level up and equip your heroes as they strive to become the realm’s premier guardian by exploring hidden dungeons and high mountain peaks. You’ll fight in real-time battles against other players to climb the leaderboards and gain even more power for your next fight, with over 30 heroes to choose from! 

The Last Blade

With 1993’s delightful Samurai Shodown, SNK put weapons-based, 2D fighting on the map, but four years later, in a somewhat lesser-known Neo Geo title called The Last Blade, the developer refined the idea of sword-based combat.

The Last Blade, which was released on Steam with a slew of new features, boasts excellent swordplay, a dozen exquisitely designed characters, and a gorgeous anime- and manga-style presentation that elevates its 19th-century Japanese setting to one of the most beautiful in fighting-game history. is another browser-based fighting game where players become an extreme gamer from all over the world by competing to reach the ultimate level. 

Vampire Empire 

This browser game pits vampires against werewolves! You’ll have the chance to recruit powerful warriors from history and myth to battle your enemies in a world without humans and endless nights. You’ll be able to assemble a diverse army and outwit your opponents from all over the world. Play with others to take over the world and overthrow Dracula’s vast empire! 

Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 is one part fighting game, one part fashion show, and one part schlocky action movie, just like its predecessor. Each of the game’s widely disparate elements may not stand up to scrutiny on its own. After all, DOA 6 isn’t the best fighter, doesn’t have the most extensive character customization, and doesn’t quite match the Tekken series’ insane story.

Still, Dead or Alive 6 is a fun and surprisingly strategic PC game with enough new features to make it worthwhile to play with the new Break Blow and Break Hold tools. In addition, the game’s well-known Triangle System and Danger Zones are a lot of fun.

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