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What is the difference between General MBA and a Global MBA?


Globalisation and digitalisation have changed the business environment in the past decade. Today’s dynamic and fast-paced corporate space prizes most C-level skills and traits in professionals to succeed in the highly competitive business landscape. Thus, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programme is tailor-made keeping the needs and demands of the corporate world in the contemporary environment. 

As MBA is a tailor-made career path and offers a wealth of advantages to aspirants, many fresh graduates and seasoned professionals consider it to succeed in the business world. Getting an MBA degree equips individuals with astute business sense and helps them in improving their career trajectory. 

In addition, this coveted degree assists graduates in landing a management position, building a strong professional network, and developing entrepreneurial skills. Therefore, a large chunk of students across the world chooses to pursue an MBA degree.

Typically, many students pursue a general MBA for a rewarding career ahead. But individuals aiming for an international management career or work in multinational companies must opt for a global MBA. Why? Read on to discover major differences between the general MBA and global MBA programmes.

General MBA vs Global MBA

There is a very thin line between the general MBA and global MBA programmes. Traditional MBA programmes are much more generalised in nature, while the global MBA is more oriented towards international businesses. So, check out the basic differences between the two coveted degrees.

  1. Global MBA degrees are more advanced

Global MBA degrees are designed to provide students with managerial and business skills relevant to a broad range of international sectors besides developing comprehensive knowledge in management theories and practices. On the other hand, general MBA degrees help students in understanding all elements of the business world.

  1. Global MBA programmes cater to globally-minded business professionals

Seasoned professionals eyeing the corner office or aspiring to climb the corporate ladder can pursue the general MBA, while the global MBA is the right fit for those who want to understand a variety of cultures on international platforms and the changes in the market trends worldwide. 

  1. Global MBA degrees offer international exposure

Besides preparing individuals for the real business world, global MBA degrees encourage them to keep regular tabs on the latest business trends and economics happening to thrive in their international careers. The curriculum of the global MBA programme focuses on business practices in different regions of the world and helps individuals get exposed to new and innovative ways of doing business at a global level. At the same time, general MBA degrees build a strong foundation for business and enhance the marketability of professionals.

  1. Global MBA degrees prepare professionals for numerous international job opportunities

As the global MBA degree is more inclined toward an international career, individuals get opportunities to engage with international business tycoons and build their networking skills. In contrast, general MBA graduates will possess less global exposure and have the least access to international job opportunities than global MBA graduates.

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