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8 Signs of a Healthy Baby


Do you often wonder if your baby is getting enough sleep, food, and care? If yes, congratulations, and welcome to the world of parental anxiety. Triggers for parental anxiety include fears that your baby’s development and growth are suboptimal and their well-being is at stake. 

It does not take more than a feeble paranoid thought to feel stressed about the growth and development of your child. Though parental anxiety is overwhelming and stressful, you must understand that it is part of the parenting process. You cannot eliminate worries about your child, but you can do a lot to manage them. 

What if we tell you about some signs of a healthy baby so that you can put your mind to rest? Once you know these signs, you won’t be running to your relatives and family for help if something does not work out. Or, Google one site after the other. Continue reading to explore those signs. 

  1. Your baby is active

If your newborn is healthy, it will start kicking its legs and arms within a few days of birth. If you swaddle them, they will fight and try to break free of your clutches. An active baby is a sign of a healthy baby. 

Babies who are not born healthy show signs of weakness, don’t move their bodies much, and do not respond to touch. If they are in pain, such as in a case of a baby with a birth injury to their limbs, you can sense their pain from their incessant cries when you try to move their arms or neck. You can learn more about birth injuries at and consult with a specialist if you see any signs. 

  1. Your voice soothes your baby

Newborns cry a lot. And no, using rattles or giving them milk or soother won’t suffice. It is your voice they need to hear. 

Your voice was the only soundtrack they heard in your womb, so it is the only thing they recognize most clearly. Therefore, it is something that will draw your baby’s attention when they are crying. 

A baby lives in closed quarters throughout the time they are in your womb. So, they are used to getting the protection and heat of your body along with your voice. 

If your baby responds to your touch and voice, you have developed a warm relationship with them. They are growing to recognize it more clearly. 

Long periods of fussiness are expected with a newborn, but if this problem persists, you must consult your doctor. Your baby may be colic, and their cries and restlessness have no relation to your bonding with them. You need the help of a doctor who can recommend other extended techniques to calm your baby. 

  1. Your baby asks for food frequently

Babies come with an inherent sucking reflex. If you take something near their mouth, they will quickly start sucking it. If your baby asks for food multiple times during the day, it means their digestive system is working well; they have healthy sucking reflexes and are growing. Their healthy appetite is the direct indicator of their growth. 

Also, healthy baby makes a gulping sound when they drink milk. This sound means that they have healthy eating habits. After having milk, a healthy baby sleeps for a few hours. 

  1. Your baby wets multiple diapers during the day

Who would have thought they would count how many diapers their baby dirties daily? But your baby’s poop and pee schedule is indeed an indicator of their health. 

When babies eat healthily, they wet their diapers many times during the day. It is also a sign that your baby is not dehydrated. If your baby is healthy, you will be required to change four to five diapers every day. 

As weeks pass after your baby’s birth, they will start gaining weight too, and their appetite will further increase. However, if your baby is not increasing in weight and needs fewer diapers daily, they are not receiving sufficient nutrition. 

In addition, the color of their urine tells a lot too. If the color is darker, your baby might be dehydrated. Immediately consult a doctor, as dehydration is detrimental to your baby. 

  1. Your baby smiles at you

After one month, your baby is old enough to make eye contact and smile at you. A healthy baby responds with smiles and giggles when you play with them or talk to them. When the baby is three months old, it can chuckle out loud. 

This happy behavior means your baby is getting accustomed to their surroundings, recognizing them, and getting affected by them. They start realizing that when they socialize, they get a response from others. So, if your baby is looking at you, smiling, and making eye contact, they are growing. 

  1. Your baby’s weight is increasing

As your baby grows, its weight and height grow too. Take your newborn to the doctor, who will check the baby’s weight and height. If it is within the normal levels, their growth is okay. 

The initial six months of your baby’s life are crucial regarding weight and height. During this time, they grow really fast. They gain five to seven ounces of weight per week. 

A rule of thumb is that if your baby’s weight doubles after five months and triples after one yes, it is a sign of healthy growth. 

  1. Your baby responds to colors

Healthy babies are intrigued by colors and shapes. During the first month, they have a 20/100 vision and can see things at a distance of 8 to 12 inches. This is approximately the distance between them and your face while breastfeeding. 

When your baby is two months old, they start tracking patterns, contrasting colors, and a spinning object like a ball hanging over their head. It is when you can use rattles to play with and entertain them. 

  1. Your baby can support their weight

When babies are born, they cannot support their weight or keep their necks in place. If you hold them improperly, you will see their neck and head falling to either side.

However, many babies can hold their heads to some extent after one month. As time passes, their body control increases and they start supporting themselves more frequently. These changes show that your baby is flexing its muscles and that its tiny body is growing. 


Even if you are a new parent, it is not wise to put too much pressure on yourself. Instead, give yourself some time. Believe it when we say you will start differentiating between hungry and tired cries in just a few weeks after becoming a parent. You will also know how your baby wants to be rocked or burped and their favorite side to sleep on. Above are some signs to ensure your baby is growing healthily. If you see any issues with your baby’s development, consult a doctor immediately. 

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