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Jonah Engler Discusses The Ways to Create A Loving Environment For Your Child


Parenting is always a challenging task. Everything that you do will have an impact on the child’s mind. The little minds are like big pieces of sponge. They absorb whatever they see and hear without the power to analyze what is right in what is wrong. Unless you create a good and loving environment for your child, the little one will grow up into a person with negative thoughts and mental issues.

Every parent has a unique style of dealing with the children. But the journey of parenting can be confusing at some point. You may feel that you are unable to provide the little angel with the right environment to grow up in. But is it so?

  • Jonah Engler always says that you cannot incorporate all the best skills and behavior in your child so that the child grows up to be the perfect adult. All you can do is gift a stable environment where the child can blossom in the right place.
  • There is no parent on Earth who does not love his or her children. But some of you may fail to understand what is the right way to show your love or utilize this love to build the right ambiance where the child will grow healthily.
  • You don’t have to put in much effort to teach the child about etiquette, manners, behavior, and ways of life if you can create the ideal atmosphere.

Here are a few guidelines that you can follow to build an ideal environment for the kids.

Unadulterated love

Those tiny hands and the tiny head cannot understand most of the things you say. But they do understand and perceive unconditional love. Pour all your love into the child so that the child understands that the presence of the individual matters to you the most.

When your child grows up, the person will know that the love from parents and close family members is something that one can cherish forever. It doesn’t fade off with time. Also, it will teach the little one how to love someone selflessly. As children can feel the vibes very well, it’s essential to establish loving bonds all around.

Beware of the words

Home is the nest where the child grows up. It’s the safe haven for the little one and the place which will introduce the person to the world gradually. What you say and discuss in front of the child will always matter a lot.

  • If a child watches and hears the parents quarreling all the time and shouting at each other, hatred is the feeling that will dominate in his or her mind. Childhood trauma often leads to more complex mental problems in the future.
  • You cannot control what the child hears outside the house. But you can certainly control your behavior, the words you use while talking to the other family members, and your way of speaking.

If you use a sweet voice to communicate, your child will also use the same. But if you shout all the time, the child will accept shouting as the only way to make people listen.

Show that you care

Don’t compromise when it comes to showing off your love for the child. Give them lots of hugs and kisses. Caress the baby and put the child close to your heart whenever you get the opportunity. It helps the little kid to understand that you love your child beyond words. Once children realize that they belong in your care, they will never feel insecure in life.

When you are loving and understanding, the child will know that whatever happens, you will be the one to care. So, even when you scold the kid, you will realize that you love the little one, but you are angry or hurt at your child’s mistake. It helps the child to realize their mistakes more easily and quickly.

Small gestures matter

Nothing is wrong with telling your child “I love you” every day. The child will know that you love the person. Also, the person will learn to tag the phrase with the feeling that he or she can express well in their lives. When you make sure to express your words and feelings, the child will learn that it is good to express emotions.

Emotional acceptance is a big factor that can affect mental health. If your child knows right from the beginning that is showing your feelings is not a wrong thing to do unless it hurts the other person, the child will grow up into a person who won’t stand back in expressing emotions.

Instill faith

A loving environment at home makes a child believe in the concept of unity and integrity at home. The tiny tot will know that home is the safe place where the child can return no matter what happens in life. According to Jonah Engler, this feeling is critical for young adults who often suffer from depression and become afraid of returning home. Make sure that your children have faith in their parents and in the concept of family.

Passive teaching

There are two ways of teaching. Either you can yell at your child all day, trying to make the little one listen to what you are saying. Or you do your work silently and create the environment in such a way that the child learns and perceives the teachings by monitoring what’s happening around.

  • If you forgive the child after the kid owns up for a mistake, the kid will also learn to forgive mistakes.
  • If you show unfinished love and support to the family members, your child will also learn to be protective of family and believe in the institution called family.

Passive teaching can help in imparting lessons of life.

Safeguard the childhood

Childhood trauma can often become the reason for lifelong pain and suffering. Ensure that your kid does not suffer from such trauma because you were ignorant about creating a safe and loving environment for the kid. Help them to grow up feeling secure, loved, and heard. Shower all your love to give them the best childhood memories to cherish forever.

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