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Growing up on Instagram in 2022: 5 key tricks you need to know


In this article I would like to share with you 5 key factors to grow on Instagram in 2022. Never before has success on IG been determined by the organic visibility that your profile manages to obtain. It was probably since 2016/2017 that Instagram hadn’t offered such an opportunity. You have to know the secret to know how to grasp it and that’s what you are about to read.

Grow organically on Instagram

The first rule that you absolutely must understand is that the period of cunning strategies on Instagram is over. For years, and I for one, we have used more or less borderline techniques. We went from simple follow / unfollow to more advanced techniques such as Power Like to end up with the Mother Slave Strategy. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it because it doesn’t work anymore today.

A strategy to increase followers on Instagram Through buy Instagram followers Greece in 2022 today must be aimed at organic growth, taking advantage of the great opportunity that Meta’s social network offers us. What is it about? We find out immediately.

Reels are the key to success on Instagram in 2022

Instagram, as I have already repeated on several occasions, is no longer the social network we were used to, where photos were king. Today the scenario has changed dramatically. The advent of TikTok, the success of short and vertical videos, forced Instagram to catch up with the times.

Today this is the format preferred by users and also by advertisers. Because videos not only entertain more than photos, but they allow you to convert better. By conversion I mean sales, or actions aimed at a future purchase.

Now that you know what Instagram’s favorite format is, you’re probably wondering what features a perfect Reel should have. Let’s find out together. 

  1. Immediately grab the attention of users. Use a hook, which is an initial hook in the video.
  2. Create a really cool video, try to offer value to your niche or target
  3. Rhythm is everything or almost everything. Try to alternate fast and slower moments in your video. Never get bored who is watching your Reel.
  4. Study a strategy in detail. Whoever found you in explore should immediately understand what you do if you want them to start following you.
  5. Stop it on the views. Not all Reels will achieve the desired success. Do not let yourself be led off-road, if you are convinced of your content go ahead without delay.
  6. A video that does not make you appear what you are not. Try to remain yourself. Don’t upset your real nature. Your followers would notice right away.

The Instagram algorithm is completely different than in the past

Instagram has new needs and its algorithm has naturally adapted. He became much smarter. If you start doing wild follow / unfollow, by hand or with BOTs it does not matter now, do away with it. By “killing you” I don’t necessarily mean closing your profile. There are so many ways to offside an account. Putting it in Shadowban is probably the most drastic punishment, but there are also other types of penalties, which don’t have a creepy name, aren’t advertised, but do just as much damage.

There are those who see their profile blocked for months, unable to perform one or more operations. If this happens it means that the quality score of your profile has dropped a lot and it is precisely this parameter that we talk about now.

In one of his latest videos published on the platform, IG CEO Adam Mosseri made it clear that the algorithm from now on will no longer reward pages that do repost. Their goal is to give more value to content creators. And even if this aspect concerns me closely because I have often used the contents of photographers, I find that the path is right. Again, Instagram follows TikTok, where the repost pages lasted like a cat on the ring road. I speak from personal experience.

Check the status of your Instagram profile now

In the settings section of your profile, in the account section, the fourth item from the top is “account status”. If you fear that you have been targeted by Instagram, you will find heavy clues there. I want to give you an example of how I myself unintentionally compromised the quality score of my profile, precluding me at least for now the possibility of going back to growing virally on Instagram.

The profile is not doing well on its own, unfortunately I didn’t have time to update it and the frequency of publication on Instagram is another key factor, the last one, but I’ll talk to you later.

Let’s go back to us and the incredible penalty that I caught without wanting to. Follow me because it’s so absurd that you could end up in it too.

A month ago, week more, week less, I decided to open a new profile using the same smartphone and the same phone number connected to this username. I chose the name, created the logo, followed a handful of profiles that I was interested in monitoring and that’s it.

That’s all? Yes, but apparently I made an unforgivable mistake. I have not published anything, no posts. I didn’t do it because I was studying the editorial and content plan. But Instagram obviously didn’t like this.

His evil algorithm must have thought it was a fake profile. After just a couple of days the profile was deactivated . Reactivating it was simple, a verification was enough via the associated phone number. I didn’t give too much weight to it, only until it was disabled for the second time.

At that point I checked the status of the profile following the steps I mentioned and a message warned me that not having published anything was causing negative effects on the profile. Result? The latest posts have lost a lot of visibility. And now I just have to wait for the end of this penalty.

Pro Tips: SingaporeFollowers is another great platform to get organic Instagram growth. In this way you can gain more popularity organically in 2022/23. 

I took it a bit long but I hope it served to make you understand how important the status of your Instagram account is if your goal is to grow organically.

Publication frequency

Posting frequency is the last key factor I want to tell you about. And once again I will share with you another mistake I made. It’s not like he’s giving me a great deal of publicity now that I think about it. But who cares, if it can help someone at least it will be worth it.

So, the Thailand where I live was practically closed until last month. Yes, for the damn COVID. Sti is trying to get back to normal now, but the road will be long. Throughout this period I have drastically slowed down the frequency of publication. I am not an influencer nor a travel blogger although I would like to. I have an agency to run, if I don’t have photographers who give me a hand alone it’s hard.

Last month I decided to carve out a few weekends, weather permitting, to make some content. Mostly Reels because this is the winning format for growing on Instagram today. But at this point I really hope it is also superfluous to underline it.

The first Reel didn’t go too bad either. I should have waited at least a week for Instagram to take the measurements, but I posted the next day and the next.

I’m not stupid, I know perfectly well that after a period of inactivity you have to take it easy. This applies to the classic formats, but I had followed a profile that using the Reels could afford different timings. And so I decided to try but it was a mistake. Which added to the previous one determined the current state.

No drama, for heaven’s sake. The same happened to me on TikTok and in the end with a little patience you can always get back on track. But it would have been better not to.


Between strategies and mistakes, I’ve listed 5 key factors you need to keep in mind if you want to grow on Instagram in 2022. I hope you have found some useful ideas; we will see you again in the next article.

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