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6 Tech-Driven Translation Trends Which Are Going To Stay 


Every industry gets to evolve and the process of evolution is a constant. The translation industry cannot stay still for long like many other industries. Industries have to pick up the trends and follow these to evolve and stay in the market. The language suppliers are working with a lot of language pairs. The trends keep on changing in the industries and the people and industries have to opt accordingly. Similarly, the translation industry is also going to opt for multiple trends of technology too. Technology is also another revolution that has happened in our lives for ages. The implementation of the right technology can help us achieve better results. The technology has now come to a point when it is ready to make a real impact. People can not deny the importance of machine translation and technical..

Here are the trends that are going to stay in the year 2023 and the years to come. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has improved a lot in recent years. It is being used for translation services too. It got a significant role to play in consistent and accurate translation services. Experts also suggest that artificial intelligence can take over the world soon. However, if it is ever going to take us down it is not in 2023 for sure. Moreover, it has proven its role and can help translators to contribute to a better and quality translation. AI can also help with accuracy and consistency now.

  1. MTPE

Machine translation post-editing is a term that we have been coming across for the past few years now. With advanced technology and machine tools playing a vital role language companies and translators have started considering machine translation. It is for the better execution of translation. The translation content which comes from machine tools and translation needs to be reviewed by real humans and linguists. It can not be sent as it is. Therefore, a good translation company always ensures that it has good editors and proofreaders who can go through the content coming from the machines quickly. This practice is quite helpful for translation companies and the trends set to continue in 2023 and the years to come. Therefore, MTPE wins as the most ideal and happening application and form of AI.

  1. Automated Translation

Despite the experts and linguists rejecting the idea of automated translation, it has managed to stay and prove itself all these years. Translation technologies such as machine translation and translation memory have helped people and translators to increase the volume of translated text in a short time. The repetitive tasks can be carried out by automated translation. Also, the editors and translators can simply check the content post machine to make sure it does not contain any mistakes and is good to go.

  1. Tech-Driven Consistency

The human translators even themselves often get distracted and lose track while translating the content. The technology in this case is there to help the translators to remain on track and consistent. Consistency is extremely important and without it, there is no coherence in the text which often annoys the readers. This is why they fail to pick up the flow and context. Hence, tech-driven consistency gets crucial in such cases where it can make the translators help stay on track and they can review their work accordingly.  Moreover, for large projects, it is extremely important.

  1. Content Strategy Localization

The trends keep on changing. Brands in 2023 and in years to come can change and work on their content strategy localization. Also, for the technical and tough fields such as finance or business professional finance translation services are evident. Therefore, the content strategy has to be good and strong enough. Translating the content literally or translating the individual pieces can get tough therefore brands have to work on their content strategy from the scratch. They also need to integrate certain things right from the start of their procedure. This can help them address more audiences in less time. Also, standard rules can be applied for each audience that suits them best and they don’t have to work on the basic things every time they plan to roll out for a different language or audience. 

Therefore, this trend is going to stay in the years to come and can shape the future of the translation industry in a better way. This is leading to a scenario where the companies would have to do minimum work and machines can take care of their hassles.

  1. Emerging Industries

A lot of industries that require translation today didn’t even exist in past. However, this is how trends change, a few of these get obsolete and then get outdated getting replaced with a few other trends. The best trends manage to stay. Global industries such as cryptocurrency, green energy, and artificial intelligence have managed to create a demand for translation more than others. These companies have merged as more in demand than ever. Therefore, the trend for these is also not going to change or stop sometime soon and would require space to stay.

All these concepts state how tech-driven tools are the only translation solution needed for the translation content and for professional legal translation services that we are going to have in the future. The technology trends were not much appreciated by the translation industry initially. However, with the passage of time, they managed to prove their worth and demand and it is only going to increase gradually. It is next to impossible to meet the growing translation demand in the future without integrating these machine tools.


Tech-driven translation trends have managed to stay and proved their worth time and again. The machine tools which are available for translation are playing a significant role in the consistency, quality, and turnaround time. From the performance and vital role tools are playing, these are also going to stay in practice in the future too. The translation companies will have to adopt these trends for better output and quality translation.

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