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5 Best International Vehicle Transport Companies 2022


Assuming you’ve figured out how to get everyone in your household from A to B, what about your automobile (or vehicles)? Planned trips by car can be tiring for the driver and passengers, as well as a drain on the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The good news is that there are open or enclosed car carriers that can securely transfer a vehicle across the country.

The ideal open or enclosed car carriers will give a reasonable price and a variety of options for delivery. Customers should have confidence in the coverage and payment choices provided by the companies they work with. Car size, distance traveled, and mode of transportation all have an impact on the final cost. Everything you need to know about the best local and international car mover company can be found here.

The Best of the Best

Clients want to be confident in their choice of an international car mover company. In order to find the best standard and military car shipping service providers, we thoroughly compared the services they offer, the way they quote jobs, the pricing they charge for coast-to-coast shipping, and a host of other factors. We’ve narrowed it down to a select few of the best in the business.

Montway Auto Transport

Instant quotations with no deposits, exceptional customer service, and real-time shipment tracking are just some of the features offered by Montway Auto Transport.

When it comes to exporting an automobile, you can’t go wrong with Montway Auto Transports. Online, customers can get an estimate right away. Customer service employees at Montway are prompt and courteous via their online live chat. Customers may rest easy knowing that Montway has moved more than 700,000 automobiles throughout the country and around the world, so the company is well-versed in handling any situation. In order to discover more about Montway’s international car shipping services, consumers will need to contact a customer service representative.

In contrast to other organizations, Montway does not demand a deposit and clients may track their deliveries online, unlike other businesses that require clients to connect with the drivers. Montway also offers customers that want to ship a car internationally the option of storing up to 100 pounds of personal things in the trunk during international car shipping.

Easy Auto Ship

Among the many benefits of using Easy Auto Ship is the opportunity to receive a complimentary wash upon arrival.

One of the best military car shipping service firms is Easy Auto Ship. Before a carrier is appointed to a shipment, customers can acquire an online fast price and pay no deposit. One bonus it offers is a complimentary car wash upon delivery, which is more expensive than other delivery services. This is a wonderful option for vehicles that have been exposed to harsh weather conditions or dry, dusty circumstances.

Motorbikes and other heavy machinery can be transported by Easy Auto Ship. There is no penalty for customers who cancel their orders within 24 hours. Customers can also keep up to 100 pounds of personal belongings in the trunk of their Easy Auto Ship vehicle for no additional charge.

Ameri Freight

Ameri Freight provides affordable pricing and a fixed quote rate without sacrificing the quality of its service.

At Ameri Freight, consumers get great value for their money. Because Ameri Freight’s quote prices are guaranteed, customers don’t have to be concerned about the real cost rising, and they can also take advantage of price matching. Clients who are on a tight budget can benefit from the company’s low prices.

It’s difficult to use Ameri Freight’s webpage, and customer service staff are only available from Monday to Saturday. Furthermore, Ameri Freight gives its customers two days to check an automobile for damage and submit a claim in the event of an accident. In many cases, clients who need more time or who wish to be more thorough in their inspections can benefit from this additional time.

American Auto Shipping

In terms of customer satisfaction, American Auto Shipping stands out because of its personalized concierge service and $500 no-damage assurance.

American Auto Shipping goes above and above to ensure client satisfaction by providing the best possible service. American Auto Shipping is the only shipping company that guarantees a customer’s advertised price. Customers can better plan their budgets with the assurance that prices will not rise by more than 25% from what was originally quoted.

Auto Ship

Auto Ship allows drivers and consumers to compare pricing, ship heavy machinery, and book cargoes immediately.

In many online services, such as automobile delivery, the marketplace model has become the norm. Customers can enter their vehicles and travel plans on uShip, and truckers can provide bids and timelines for transporting the vehicles. Get quick quotes from various drivers and see how they stack up against the prices of other big companies.

Because each driver sets their own terms for deposits and refunds, there is always a way to back out of a reservation at the last minute. A driver’s record, including service quality, how long they have been shipping on uShip, and how many shipments they’ve taken, is available for customers to see on uShip. Customer verification of driver’s licenses and insurance policies will be required, as uShip does not conduct its own background checks.

How We Picked the Best Car Transporters

For any customer, we looked at a wide range of moving choices, from local to state to national and international car shipping, to find the best fit. For each organization, we visited their websites to see how they handled quotes and customer service. The ability to monitor and supervise a car while it is in route was another factor that we looked into. On our list, all of the companies are well-known and have been in the industry for a long time. Thus, feel free to choose the best provider for you when you plan to ship a car internationally.

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