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What Is Fox Eye Lift and How Does It Work?


The newest beautification trend is the “fox eye” or “cat-eye”, and it is a cosmetic treatment that elevates and lengthens the upper eyelid simultaneously, pushing the eye into a more almond shape and generating overall emphasis on the eyes.

Furthermore, thanks to celebrities, models, and influencers on social media, fox eye treatment has seen a hresurgence, and many people are going for this procedure. Meanwhile, as people age, their eyebrows may drop, needing a fox eye lift to open up the face and restore a youthful appearance around the eyes.

What Is Fox Eye Lift?

The fox eye treatment is a brow lift procedure inspired by the same name’s popular cosmetic and make-up trend. In this, the threads are inserted so that the outer eye corners are lifted towards the forehead, lengthening the eyes and opening up the eyelids. As such, it results in an almond-shaped face, making the person look foxy and cat-like, as the name implies. Moreover, it can be made to look natural and can be as subtle or dramatic as desired.

Understanding Thread Lift

Thread lifting is a surgical technique involving a doctor weaving dissolvable threads beneath the skin to look after a facelift without the need for surgery. In the meantime, these threads restore facial features and soften fine lines and wrinkles when gently tugged. They also stimulate collagen production and restore volume lost due to aging and due to their structure. Threads can also be used to tighten drooping skin in other parts of the body, such as the abdomen.

Surgical Alternatives Vs. Thread Lift

The fox eyes lift is a less invasive procedure that avoids surgical risks, costs, and stress. Meanwhile, blepharoplasty is a surgical operation that is similar to an eye lift. It is a treatment in which the surgeon makes incisions straight into the upper and lower eyelids, extracting skin and muscle. As such, it is a time-consuming and costly procedure. However, blepharoplasty results are also long-lasting, albeit they do not prevent additional aging.

Meanwhile, thread lifts are significantly cost-effective, less painful, and more adaptable than traditional facelifts.

How Does Fox Eye Lift Work?

There are two ways that a fox eyelift/fox eye thread lift works:

  1. First, an eyebrow thread lift mechanically raises the skin, giving the face an instant lift, working as a non-surgical brow lift.
  1. Second, the tiny cones on the threads encourage the body’s collagen formation over the next few months, giving you a natural-looking elevated appearance.

Botox is administered above the eyebrows on the day of the procedure to increase brow lift and extend the benefits of the Eyebrow thread lift.

Because no incisions are necessary, the operation can be done as an outpatient treatment. As such, threads are used to pull the outer brow up in the fox eye procedure. 

In the thread-lift procedure, using needles, the threads are inserted beneath the skin. Cones or barbs are used to keep the skin in place once the cables are inserted. But before this, a numbing lotion or local anaesthetic can be used. And depending on how many threads are needed, the technique can take up to 30 minutes, while the amount of time it takes to recuperate is usually relatively short. The treated areas may experience swelling and bruising.

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