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Pay Attention to These Things When Getting Your Suit Tailored


Many people think that tailoring is a mere adjustment done to the hem of your suit. However, it takes more than just trimming your pants a few centimetres. Tailoring helps you get the right fit of your suit to get the proper look.

If you want to look clean and dapper, you should get your suit altered. Tailored suits not only make you look good, but they also exude a confident vibe from the wearer. That is why it is essential which parts you should pay attention to when getting them tailored.

Collar gaps

People don’t usually pay attention to collar gaps. However, when you get your suit tailored, your tailor should measure your neck so that the collar sits nicely against your neck.

Awkwardly sized collar gaps can not only cause creasing in the collar, but they can also create a gap that will not look nice when wearing a suit. Even though you cannot see it, it can be easily noticeable as it is located near your face or forms part of your necktie or bowtie.


One important thing that you shouldn’t overlook when getting your suit tailored is checking the shoulder fit of the suit. Don’t wear baggy suits where the fabric extends outwards from the shoulders. You want your suit to allow natural movement without any sagging but does not limit or restrict you when you move.

Shoulders on a suit are substantial that tailors would even help you find an off-the-rack suit that would perfectly fit your shoulders first and then make adjustments accordingly.

Sleeve and trouser hems

Trousers and sleeves too long for your size will create a sloppy look overall. Also, long trousers give the wearer a shorter and stouter look.

Properly fitting trousers brush just the top of your shoes and should make your legs look more elongated. A more modern option is getting trousers that show some leg to show off quirky sock designs.

For dress suit jackets, they don’t fit like regular outdoor jackets. If they are hitting your knuckles or hanging from your arms, you should surely get them altered.

When fitting a jacket, the sleeve should stop about a quarter to half-inch before the shirt sleeve. This can show a slight sliver of your shirt cuffs and add more class to your look.

You can also have your sleeves and trousers tapered to emphasize your silhouette and give you more elongated lines in your suit.


When you buy an off-the-rack suit, you will notice that they are designed to fit men with a girthier midsection. That is why when you have a bulkier or slimmer body frame. You would need to have your suit adjusted.

Don’t settle for a tightly-fitting suit. Also, if you have a slim build, make sure to have your tailored suits adjusted as standard off-the-rack ones may look sloppy on you. In any case, you will be wearing the jacket in different circumstances; that is why you would want it to have a comfortable fit. It is essential to have it altered or tailored to fit you perfectly when buying a suit. Suits come in standard sizes and will not always be a perfect fit for your body frame. That is why you must have your suit tailored to go to any event with class and confidence.

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