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What is a soldier? How to play trade war online to exchange rewards for free


Online shopping is gradually becoming popular for many people. How to play merchants well and earn high money?

 Immediately see the shares below from the super players of the Kubet house so you can learn and come up with the best playing direction for you.

Learn about the trade war

The name Mau Binh is no longer strange to me. Indeed this is a game that is familiar to young people today. This game is also known as the “gray barn.” Just search online, and you will find much sharing about this game. You should research carefully before playing to be able to fulfill many of your winning aspirations.

According to many people, this is an excellent intellectual game. The game with art is not only popular in real life, but even when put into the online version, people also love to play this game.

Members dealt13 cards most randomly when participating in the game. The dealer is the dealer, so you can rest assured that no fraud is happening here. The deck used is the standard 52-card Western deck and compact design. It makes every player want to be in the game world for longer.

Pay attention, playing the card game, and there will be three limbs, the first, middle, and last. The cards are arranged in order from weak to weak, simple to complex. You should use your thinking and observation to hit correctly, predict results, and bet money.

A general guide on how to play merchants

Mau Binh is a game that is shared quite a lot. You will see this game appear in reputable bookmakers Ku casino, and the number of players is enormous. In each contest, the number of players will be from 2 to 4. If there are too many people, it is difficult to control. Therefore, each game usually only fluctuates in the number of people.

Each player will have 13 cards (using a Western deck) when you join the game. This number of cards, so you can play with peace of mind without worrying about the ambiguity here depending on the calculation and arrangement of each player’s strategy. You will split this deck into the best possible performance and play.

The value of the cards arranges, so you need to catch them to get your orientation. Cards A, K, and Q correspond to the value of 10,9,8. The other card’s countries are according to the correct number displayed on the card.

Usually, when playing will consider the first hand (5 cards). The following articles are considered cumulatively from the bottom up to create attractiveness and drama.

Note some exceptional cases when playing trade war games

Here are some special cases when playing a trade war. You should grasp to come up with the optimal playing direction for you.

Soldiers come to white.

This model is a particular case when playing the game of merchants. Players do not need to compare each genus with others. Winning opportunities calculate on a steep drop.

Dragon Roll

This pattern is a case of 13 cards from 2 to A of the same suit. These cards add together, and the player will receive a big bet of up to 24x.

Dragon Hall

In this case of 13 cards from 2 to A, the player only gets 12 times the bet. The cards can be five pairs, one, six, six cards, three boxes, or three lines. Cases will be assigned expenses and scored.

Tips for playing merchants with high money

As shared above, you will see that the game at is not difficult to play. If you have a good direction of play, then you will play steadily and bring many opportunities to play for money. Therefore, you should learn and apply immediately in the process of playing.

Trade war has an intelligent strategy.

Playing online games is not a random chance to get instant bonuses. You need to have the element of luck and calculate your strategy. Therefore, like other types of card games, the arrangement of cards needs a specific orientation.

Members must have a high mindset and know how to set their tactics. From Kubet, you will glance at strong enough opponents and predict your outcome.

With intelligence, you will calculate the strongest to weakest cards to the box to gray and then to the lobby. Finally, players can make the most standard arrangement.

For more brilliant how you can learn from previous players. Playgroups are publicly and easily regulated. You can go there to agree to the terms and join the guild. From the comments of the brothers, you can play the game better. After playing, you should also draw lessons to create more diversity for your handbook.

Must know how to observe the details of the game

When playing merchants, you need a pair who has a thorough observation. Looking at it, you will know the deal or play of the members. Play online or live. This bet is essential. When you quickly see the opponent, the direction of the house, and the opponents, you can grasp the most suitable and flexible way to make the opponent unable to judge.

Try to make a lot of battles technique or integrate them after observation. Exercise your brain, and find the best way to fight the enemy. Many new entrants have enjoyed great rewards with this game. So you should not be too confused when starting to play the game.

Know the rules of the game

In addition to knowing the above, you should remember the game’s rules when participating. If new versions are released, you should remember that there are often slight changes in images, sounds, and regulations. So you should learn carefully to be able to enter the best and bring many bonus opportunities for you.

In the process of playing, you need to master all the external factors that affect you. You will rely on the rules and combine many playing strategies to bring many opportunities. Those are the tricks to help you win the most victory that you should not ignore. When your fish has taken a certain step, save it and do the lesson for the next time you play.

Distract the opponent

When playing a trade war, if you are intelligent, you will have ways to distract the opponent’s attention. It means that you initially go in a wise direction to make the player, the house, predict you are in the wrong order. And when the results are not as expected, the opponent may panic and lose his temper.

This way is effortless, so you should consider how you can play and bring many wins. The process of playing brings exceptionally high efficiency. It helps you win, so you should apply it to your games—however, this distraction by everyone. You need to be wise to be able to turn the tide and terrify your opponent.

In addition to just focusing on the game, seize an opportunity and bet big. You can immediately eat big money and bring many rewards when the opportunity comes.

Play calmly

Playing a trade war is not easy but not too difficult for players. So you must have a good direction to play and calmly enter Kubet. Try to play as best as you can and bring a lot of exemplary achievements for yourself.

Also, in playing, you should know that a hundred matches a hundred wins. In addition to going in one direction, you should calmly combine different methods. Only then can you apply and bring many achievements to yourself.

Observe your opponent and divide the bets and play time appropriately. This game makes it easy to win bets.

Divide the merchant bet among the games

Playing a trade war brings many opportunities for Ku casino members. However, this opportunity is not for everyone. Some members play for instant cash and receive many rewards to their accounts. Some players lose and lose much money.

So when you play, you try to be an intelligent player. Divide the bets for participation to bring many achievements for you. You don’t have to worry about losing money if lousy luck comes. And when you are lucky, you will get much money.

You can hit double or double the bet for each play. Or you can play small to divide the opportunities—luck with your play times. Many people have followed suit and seen many options; if they lose, there is no need to be too heartbroken. So you should immediately pay attention to this game strategy.

Where is the best place to play merchants?

Mau Binh is considered a game that is not too difficult. When you apply the above instructions, you can play the best. However, before you start, you should research to choose the best bookie so you can join immediately.

Prioritize playing at a unit with many strengths in the interface, speed, and good security. Only for the sake of you can you play without having to worry about possible bad cases.

Hopefully, through this sharing, you will understand more about the game of trading war and start the game with many wins.

Play the best free mobile game in 2022

You can play Mau Binh for free to increase your skills and understanding of the game. This bet is a game that many gamers love to play at Kubet. However, many people do not fully understand how to play. The following article will help you understand clearly. Why do many people like to play the Mau Binh game for free?

Players who are familiar with Mau, Binh is no stranger to this folk game. In Vietnam, people know the game name Binh Sap Gray, Thirty-Three Tricks.

Use a 52-card deck with four players playing together, each dealt with 13 cards, how to arrange them into three different limbs and link them together so that the front limb is stronger than the hind limb.

Instructions on how to play the game Mau Binh for free are straightforward

If you want to play well, you need to master how to play so that you won’t be surprised when you hit. On the contrary, you will only win if you count fast and beat better than the opponent.

A deck of 52 cards evenly dealt o four people (Bet, which can play two players), 13 cards each. The cards arrange in three hands. The first hand and the second hand have five cards. The last hand has three cards, and the principle is that the front hand must be stronger than the backhand.

The number of cards is a matter of concern in the free Mau Binh game, not the quality. Cards of strength are arranged as follows in the game:

• Aces are the strongest of the deck

• Next comes the K card (old), the Q card (dress), and the J card (pamper)

• Cards 3 to 10 are small cards, where card 2 is the smallest value

Each player is dealt 13 cards and then quickly arranges for about 90 seconds. You must thoroughly apply the principle that the front limb is stronger than the hind limb if there is no mistake.

Players work together to match the cards, in turn, against the limbs. Players will win immediately and do not need to compare cards when there is a white winning card. The rest of the people have the same amount of money, then divide the chicken equally.

Rules to win bets when playing the game Mau Binh for free should know

You need to note a few rules for winning chances in the match Mau Binh as follows:

What is the White Victory?

The white war soldiers by strength in descending order in the following cases:

• Three buckets: If there are three boxes in three, the player gets three times the bet

• Three reals: Three branches with three lines, the player gets three times the bet

• Dragon Hall: The cards from 2 to aces are not uniform, including 13 cards, then the player gets 12 times the bet.

• Five pairs one six: 13 cards with five pairs and one triple, the player gets six times the stake

• Six cards: 13 cards with six pairs, the player wins three times the bet

• Dragon roll: 13 cards from 2 to Ace are of the same suit, and the player gets 24 times the bet

It is possible to agree on the number of bets of the Mau Binh winning white or the special Mau Binh. However, Cu flood or fewer counts as one times the bet.

Ordinary soldiers in the game

The exceptional cases that do not win white in the exchange of prizes are:

• Four quarters payout 1: Win the first payout by one quartet. You will get four times your bet

• Four Quarters 2: Win the second by one quarter, and you get eight times your bet

• Lobby breaking box spends 1/2: If the player wins, the first and middle spend equals one package of breaking the lobby. Player gets ten or 20x stake per player

• Last bet: The player who wins the last payout (3rd payout) by 1 set count three times the bet

• Tickles 2: The player who wins gets the 2nd payout equal to 1 set of chips that count two times the bet

Tell you some tips when playing the game Mau Binh for free

The way to play the game Mau Binh for free is quite complicated. Many new players do not know the rules. So, be sure to understand how to play to avoid confusion when playing. You can refer to some of the following tips when playing Mau Binh:

• You arrange cards in a 3-box style: You put the first hand as a double-box. The most robust pair is on the last limbs

• You can arrange three cards: You can put one pair of strongest cards in the head and middle limbs. If you have four teams, you should place two pairs of first limbs and two pairs of medium limbs. The last hand places the strongest card among the remaining cards

• Technique of 3 card shooting: If you have three pairs in your hand, you should arrange one pair of each limb to avoid any confusion

With the above three tips, if you take the time to learn thoroughly and apply them to the game. You will understand the rules as well as the speed of the game. Make sure you quickly become the best free Mau Binh game player.

Mau Binh – Gray Army – Detailed instructions on how to play in 5p

Mau Binh – The gray army is a card game especially loved by young Vietnamese. Let’s find out right away how to play Mau Binh – the fastest player’s gray troop. Read the article below by Kubet.

The law of the aces in the Mau Binh – the gray army?

The game of card games with ace rules is the most special. Different from the set without Ace, like a regular card game. Usually, in card games, the deck with an ace will be larger than the deck without an Ace.

• The deck of cards is divided into categories such as:

• Great Hall: from 10 to Ace

• Small Hall: Ace to 5

• Normal Lobby: the lobby without Aces

• The upper lobby box: is counted from the number 10 card to the Ace card

• Lower Lobby Box: is counted from the Ace card to the number 5

• Normal clearing box: is the lobby without Aces

• The Four Quarters of Aces

The deck with the Ace at the end has the most cards. The quartet of Aces is the deck that can eat the most chi. The rule with four players, those who do not have Aces will lose four limbs. And the person who can eat four limbs will have two or more aces. If you eat eight stems, you must have three aces to count.

A particular case of eating 12 limbs is when you have four aces but do not stack. Note that this method of eating chi in rooms of 2 or 3 people. Because, on the hand, the player will not show enough Aces.

The person who ends the game is the one who has 4 Aces and places the quarters. The rest of the people who do not have an ace will not have four limbs deducted as usual. Calculate the last Ace at the end of the card game in Mau Binh – Gray Army.

The easiest way to understand the online game rules

The law of the merchant army – gray army counts as aces, also applies to hit village for the game. One player collapses all three limbs with the other players in the game room. It is said to destroy the town of the whole playroom.

For example, when you destroy a village, you get twice as much chi from each person. You are then rewarded with an additional 2x total spend if it is a 4-person room. Multiply 1.5 if it’s a 3-player room. Note that the bonus does not apply to 2-player rooms.

In the case of a collapse of all three limbs, when one player loses to all three remaining players in terms of payouts, the total number of lost bets will be multiplied by two times.

If the room has three players, the payout method if the player wins is the sum of the payout times two and the payouts by 1.5. In a 4-player room, the total cost multiply by four times.

How to arrange trading cards – gray army in the game

Trade cards

All players are dealt 13 cards in a row. After that, the Handing feature will distribute the cards evenly to the players. At this point, you just need to click, and you deal with it equally in two ways:

• Sort cards by suit: from small to large or from spades -> checkers -> cloves -> muscles

• Arrange the cards in a suit: from small to large, the Ace is ranked first. Or from left to right, arrange from flange -> checkered -> clove -> muscle

When the player clicks on any card, orders from 1 to 13 will replace that card. In case the player arranges a few cards and then draws the cards placed in the dealing line.

Players will have to click on the card in the shared line. Let the cards be from the smallest to the most significant deck. Space on the game table, players can drag cards into the area from the dealer row or the cards below. It is also possible to overwrite the card to change its position of the card.

How to lower a card to the dealer line

There are three ways to lower a card from the deck to the dealer:

• The player drags a card from the deck to the dealer line

• Double-tap a card to automatically change down to the dealer in order from most minor to most significant on the deal line

• The cards deck dealt order from smallest to largest that if the Discard item. Or in order from left to right of the divider row

If a players stop, Kubet will fold the cards from left to right. Arrange from small to large as when dealing at the beginning of the game deck.

You may note that the new game of the army – the new gray army has added a new part. It is a full-screen game view that is highly convenient for players. You need to click on the item to enlarge it according to the instructions in the game.

Kubet is the leading bookie in Vietnam. I hope the above sharing will help you play this popular Mau Binh game.


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