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Uses of Clear Tarps in Agricultural Field for Protection of Seeds and More


Clear tarps are clear plastic sheeting that is made of high density polyethylene. Clear tarps have been used by farmers to protect the seeds from direct sunlight and rain which has been a major reason for failure of crops. These clear tarps have been used for a few years in the agricultural sector. These clear tarps have proved to be a boon to farmers who were earlier using regular black plastic sheeting, but clear tarps prove more favorable and fruitful in protecting the seeds from direct sunlight.

A farmer from Illinois, John says that he initially started using clear tarps since three years because of benefits it provided him with. He says that when he uses clear tarps, there is issue of weed growth which does not occurs when they use regular black plastic sheeting which proves helpful for them as well as environment too. Clear Tarps help the farmers by providing protection from harsh weather conditions such as heat, provide water vapor and prevents erosion during heavy rainfall. Clear Tarps are clear in color and it does not prevent the light from entering into soil or plants which helps in better germination of seeds. One clear plastic sheeting is enough for a 4′ x 8′ garden box, and one clear plastic sheet can last whole season if properly taken care off. John shares his experience by saying that clear tarps do not let stains sets on the sheet for next few seasons unlike black plastic tarps which allows stains to settle in the sheet. The best part about clear tarps is that they can be easily recycled.

John says that he also save money by using clear tarps because similar sized black plastic sheets costs around $22 but clear tarp costs only $16 so he concludes by saying that clear tarps prove to be a money saver for farmers as well as environment friendly. Clear Tarps can also be used by those who follow organic farming. John suggests that clear tarps should be kept open for few minutes after heavy rainfall so that it can help in draining excess water which will prevent pooling of water and later on weed growth which helps the farmers as well as environment too.

Using clear tarps has many benefits in agricultural field. 

  • Seeds are very important for our future generation. Every day new kinds of seeds are introduced in market because farmers want better yield. If crops get affected by harsh weather conditions it will definitely affect the food supply which is not good for anyone’s health.
  • Clear tarps are made with an exceptional strength to protect seed from climate. It also protects seed from other problems like bugs, pests and diseases that can harm or kill your crops. Clear plastic materials used in clear tarps are very flexible hence it forms a great barrier against rough winds. The clarity of clear tarp ensures that small plants inside can get sunlight without any problem while clear material allows water to go through while protecting the ground below. The clear tarp can be used to store water effectively.
  • It is not only good for seed but clear tarps are great for storing fruit as well. The clear tarp will protect the fruits from harsh weather conditions and it also helps to keep them fresh until you use them because clear material allows ethylene gas produced by fruits to go through which keeps fruits fresher for longer time.
  • Clear plastic sheeting or clear tarp is very helpful in protection of plants inside greenhouses, hydroponics system, bare root plants etc. It gives uniform distribution of heat so you don’t have to worry about different parts of greenhouse getting hotter or colder, clear tarp will distribute heat evenly thus helping your produce to grow faster. On clear tarp roots don’t get compressed which helps in uniform growth of roots. Clear tarps are clear thus they allow maximum light penetration inside greenhouse to help your plants grow faster.
  • The clear plastic sheeting is clear so it doesn’t attract insects or birds that can feed on fruits or seedlings. The clear tarp also protects products from rain so you don’t have to worry about losing time and money by guarding your crops from rain.


Clear tarps hold clear benefits in agricultural field. It is clear that clear plastic sheeting or clear tarp can be used to protect plants throughout the season and when it gets dirty just fold it up and store it to use for next season.

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