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How much water one must have a day and why


There is some advice we have been receiving from our mentors, teachers and parents since childhood. But we have only listened to them but never applied most of themand this is the reason for most of the distress in our life. One much such advice was to drink enough water. But in those days, we thought it was a joke and did what we liked. Thus, the disorders that we see today such as intestine problems, poor excretion, kidney stones, obesity, reduced memory power and so on are results of less intake of water.

Today’s millennials don’t find water exciting enough and drink more cold drinks and such beverages. We must find ways to overcome this habit and drink enough water for better health. Also check to find the best bottled water online

In this article, we shall discuss the importance of drinking water and how much water one should intake in a day. The article will also throw some light on the disorders occurring due to the shortage of water in the body and list solutions for it. Intake of pills like Fildena 100 from becomes common when the body is deprived of water.

Importance of water

Keeps the blood circulation steady

For almost every task you undertake a steady blood circulation is needed. For better memory power, focus and concentration a steady flow of blood is needed in the brain. Similarly, during penile erection heavy supply of blood is required in the blood vessels of the penis. For any organ to work at its full potential for better productivity it requires a good supply of blood. Any part of the body if deprived of water cannot perform at its full potential. And blood will rich its desired destination in a sufficient amount and at the needed time only if proper water is present in the body. Water acts as a medium that facilitates the smoothmovement of blood and important nutrients to needed organs.

Flushes the impurities

From the food we eat or liquids, we drink essential nutrients are absorbed by the body. But the whole food is not absorbed by the body some of its parts are not digested. Hence, they are excreted out of the body after breaking down. The liquid waste from the food comes out as urine that is stored in the urinary bladder before excreting from the penis.If the body is deficient in water, then the waste cannot be converted into urine and it remains in the body. The waste is toxic in nature and hence, its presence for many long durations will have to impart toxicity to the organs and the blood. It can lead to urinary tract infection, damage to organs and much more.

The solid waste comes out from the anus as faeces. To pass from the intestines easily it needs some kind of smoothness or lubrication as the faeces is sometimes hard or thick. Lack of water in such cases makes it difficult for faeces to pass through it which we call constipation. This is the reason why doctors advise constipation patients to drink a lot of water and they would not require any laxatives or Cenforce 100.

Helps in losing weight

Another advantage of drinking lots of water is will bring smiles tothe faces of people who are looking to lose weight. Yes, you guessed it right drinking enough water promotes the burning of excess fats and calories. Thus, you not only lose weight but feel light and more energised.But many people might ask how does water help in burning calories? First of all, water is a zero-calorie drink hence, it will not add to your calories or fats. So, you can drink it as much as you want. Drinking water gives the feeling of fulfilling appetite hence, people are dieting and drinking water to satisfy their urge of eating. This way their urge is fulfilled and there is no addition of calories as well and you need not take Cenforce 150.

So, how much water should we drink in a day?

There is no single measurement of water for everyone. The measurement may vary from person to person due to weather, diet, profession, season, health condition etc. For example, a resident of the Middle East will surely need more water in a day than one living in Finland. This is because in the middle east the average temperature is around 40oC so, water is quickly lost by the body in form of sweat. Hence, the need for water is very high around 2 to 3 litres and sometimes even more.

Whereas in Finland most of the time it is snowing and the temperature goes around -40oC during winters and around 5 to 10degrees during winter. Here, a very less amount of water comes out as swear, hence the requirement of water by the body is also very low, around 1 to 2 litres. Even if the person doesn’t drink 2 litres it’s fine. So, the average for a common individual as recommended by doctors across the world is 2 litres.

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