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The Enterprise-Grade Low-Code Platform for the Java world


WaveMaker is a highly scalable, open standards-based low-code platform that is easy to adopt, embed, and power core enterprise platforms and application development.


The preferred low-code

for professional coders

At WaveMaker, we decided to build a low-code platform with the professional developer in mind. Professional coders want to build powerful, long-lived applications that offer a differentiated experience on web and mobile, which can evolve with user needs. For flexibility and speed, they use component-based microservices architecture and containerized deployments to cloud


Wave Maker Low code Platform

WaveMaker is a graphical and open-source application development environment (ADE). It provides rapid application development (RAD) tools, which are used to build Web applications, including Web forums and order entry forms. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS, WaveMaker applications run on a standard Java server.


 WaveMaker gives process automation to the development of cloud software applications and Java Web applications. It houses a visual RAD platform and is available as a hosted development environment.


WaveMaker is a visual development stage to fabricate cloud-prepared, simple to-utilize business Web applications without writing code. It utilizes an instinctive, contemporary and point-and-snap interface.


WaveMaker is an IDE (integrated development environment) based on the Eclipse open-source project. It is used to build web applications and ajax applications. These applications can be hosted on the cloud or remotely. The device includes an application server which is accessible through a standard browser.


Top Low code application development platform

WaveMaker is an open and easy to use program that provides a fast, single-click orientation within an intuitive environment to facilitate Java development. With this user-friendly environment featuring drag and drop functionality, a web developer can create applications that are based on industry standards. The RAD platform of WaveMaker enables users to design a data model and edit pages and layouts with zero coding. As a result, more advanced coding projects become simplified, which reduces development time.


This document intends to give a general introduction about WaveMaker and give a brief overview of how Java applications can be built quickly. This is intended for anyone to use, even if you are not familiar with Java.


Web frameworks are used for simplifying the development of application and web services by providing essential features that can be extended and built upon.


Our WaveMaker makes your code better and smarter.If you need to make beautiful music, you need WaveMaker.


RAD Rapid application development platform Model

WaveMaker is an easy to use program that provides a fast, single-click orientation within an intuitive environment to facilitate Java development. This friendly and functional environment allows developers to create applications with drag and drop functionality. The RAD platform of WaveMaker enables users to design a data model and edit pages and layouts with no coding skills at all. Consequently, more advanced coding projects are simplified, which encourages collaboration among non-coding specialists.

First, the sun left a translator. Virtual Machine and Class Library with Proprietary License In May 2007, GNU made several improvements under the General Public License. Others have chosen solar innovations such as the GNU Compiler for Java, the GNU Classpath (the standard library), and IcedTea-Web.

The latest update is Java 8, the only free version that Oracle uses, although earlier versions were commercially supported by Oracle and other companies. It is an important programming language developed by Solar Micro Systems. It was launched in 1991 by a team of young architects. The Green Group, originally called the OAK, was designed for hand tools and specialty drawers. Oman failed, so in 1995, the Sun changed the name of the Sun to Java and adapted the language to make it easier to use the growing World Wide Web.

Later in 2009, Oracle acquired Micro Solar Systems and was responsible for major solar programming resources, defining Java and Solaris.

java today

It is currently the most widely used company for creating and distributing web content. According to Oracle, there are more than 9 million Java designers and more than 3 billion mobile devices.

object language

It’s a language focused on something like C++ – but it’s been modified to remove parts of the language that cause compile errors. Its source code ( Extension Documents) is configured in a configuration called the enhanced a.class list and can be done by a structured Java compiler. Also known as the Java Virtual Machine (VM), it works with most frameworks, including UNIX, Macintosh OS, and Windows, and can continue to run runtime-enabled Java code on most computers. Bytecodes can be converted to machine language instructions using JIT Direct In 2007, most Java updates were released under the GNU General Public License.

Java web

It is a widely used programming language with rich language customization features for use on the World Wide Web. Java applets are called Java applets and can be downloaded from a web server and run on Microsoft computers.

The apps and websites used will not work unless they are included in your gadget. Upon download, the product includes the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that will continue to run in web browsers. JRE allows Java plug-ins to run Java applications in any browser.

Free java download

The official Java website contains links to the latest free downloads. You can use the site to learn more about downloads. Make sure you have it installed on your computer. Deleting the old version You must restart your web browser after installing Java Troubleshooting or Reporting Issues.

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