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Sending bitcoins using wallet?


Here are a few simple steps that you may easily follow to send bitcoins using bitcoin wallets easily and quickly.

We do understand, understanding the wallets and their functioning might feel like a bit too much. And it’s not even a joke, it’s complex.

The best thing here is, you do not need to understand how crypto works, just to sell or buy bitcoins.

The process of buying and selling is simple as long as you’re using the right tools and methods. The first step however still is to get a cryptocurrency wallet that’s suitable for you.

And once you have the wallet, you need to follow a bit of instruction before you’re ready to go, if you’re a beginner.

So always make sure that you have a proper and suitable bitcoin wallet in place for you to bank on.

Moving on, how to send bitcoins using a bitcoin wallet, while it may feel complicated but it’s not as much if you just want to buy and sell bitcoins.

Talking about sending bitcoins, you’d not be asked to submit much of your personal information. You’d just need to know the address where can i trade ripple you’re sending your bitcoins to and how much are you sending.

These are the two basic and important things you should always keep in mind.

Another thing to take note of is, bitcoin wallet addresses are of different types. Essentially, they’re a numerical string, which contains case-sensitive letters and numbers and its length varies from 26 to 35 characters. Or these addresses can also be in the form of a QR Code. Some wallets provide this facility so that your phone can scan the code and convert it into an alphanumeric bitcoin address.

Typically, sending bitcoins requires you to follow these steps:

  • Login to your wallet
  • Select send option
  • Put the address you’re sending to
  • Put the number of bitcoins
  • You can see the transaction fee for sending bitcoins
  • Finally, confirm the transaction

It’s not rocket science; you can send bitcoins from your mobile phones or desktop.

You must know that whenever you send bitcoins on the blockchain network, the transactions must be verified. It requires paying a service fee. The busier the network the higher the fee and the lesser the transaction time.

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