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Revolution of Interior Decorating


Interior decorating is a concept that is believed by many to have been introduced a few years ago. Little do they know that it was brought down to us by the Ancient Egyptians around 100 years ago.

Now, the Ancient Egyptians might have faded away with time, but this concept keeps revolutionizing and modernizing.

For those who are alien to this, interior decorating, in simple words, refers to enhancing the beauty or aesthetics of a particular place. To find out how it has evolved, keep reading!

1.  Décor did by Ancient Egyptians

Till today the homes of Egyptians are quite popular because of their unique taste in interior decorating. Back in those days, when the concept was initially introduced by the Egyptians, they used to decorate their houses using painted sculptures, furniture embellished with animal skin, and gold-plated ornaments.

The décor of your house in those days was associated with how wealthy you were. The wealthier a family was, the more decorated their homes were. They also used to decorate their gardens. Nowadays, you can make use of Home Detail garden furniture to decorate them.

2.  Rise of the Middle-Class Society

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, people were either extremely poor or had streams of money flowing outside their houses.

With the passage of time, the middle-class society rose, moving to Boise and so did the concept of interior designing.

At first, it just about fitted anything and everything inside your house to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. This was usually done because both the upper-class and lower class used to visit the middle class. They wanted their houses to be in the best condition.

3.  Integrating Architecture with Interior Decorating

Back in the day, there was no such thing as interior designing. The architect that people used to hire to build their houses and buildings was responsible for making the best use of the given place.

However, with time, the architects started to enhance their degrees by adding the peculiar skills of interior decorating.

It not only helped them in expanding their horizon in terms of creative thinking, but it also brought in a lot of money.

For example, if an architect in that time used to earn $1000 for building a house, they would get double or triple that amount if they had a strong grip on the art of interior decorating. This integration was first started by the ancient Indians.

4.  Adaptation by Romans and Greeks

When the word spread out, the Romans were quick to act on it. It was quite common to celebrate civic pride.

In this, the Romans used to shed light on their furniture and decorative items, which were made of wood, marble, or bronze and were introduced in different shades such as ivory and gold. For them, too, it became a status symbol sooner or later.

Sooner or later, the Romans and the Greeks became popular for using large vases and aesthetic mosaic floors.

Many people around the world started copying this concept to enhance the outlook and internal accessories of their houses. The message of how it portrayed more wealth was quickly spreading across the globe.

This is why till today’s date, the interior decorating of an individual’s house is a status symbol. You will often see individuals spending countless dollars on enhancing the beauty of their houses.

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