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No lie, these Gifts are sure to Impress your Guy


We are born with many blood-related relationships, mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, etc. But as we grow up, we get the chance to choose relationships for ourselves that are not blood-related but are soul-related. You connect with these people through vibe, similarity in thoughts, similarity in nature, similar personality, or someone you adore for any reason. These relations are your friends, colleagues, and most importantly, your partners. Your partners are called by different names, your husband, your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your spouse, the love of your life, and your soulmate. Your partner is the most special person you choose for yourself because you choose them with the thinking of being with them for the rest of your life, making your future with them, building a family with them, and growing old together. You love your partner, and not only your love, you care for them. You give all of your loyalty, understanding, companionship, and partnership to this person and continue to do so for the rest of your life. You do anything and everything to make them feel special whenever given a chance. You create chances where you get the opportunity of making them feel special, which they are for you. 

Girls! this one is for you. Let’s talk about all you can do to make your guy feel special. The world has shrunk, not in size, but when it comes to connectivity; moreover, online delivery services have become the cherry on the cake. You can get anything delivered to anyone, from flower delivery in Kolkata to flower delivery in Kuwait and everything in-between. You can now select what you want to send to someone from various online things, select the address, write a note, make a digital payment, and that’s it! It has become more convenient and easy than we ever thought. Isn’t it? 

You can send many red roses online, a group of cakes, or a pile of gifts. It all depends on using what ways you want to make your guy feel special because obviously, no one knows his choices better than you do. To send stuff online, you don’t even have to be physically away from your guy, living in another city or something. You can be living with him and still order stuff online to save yourself time and unnecessary effort. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s better as you get a chance to look at a wider variety, check the reviews, analyze everything, and then select what you should buy for him. Nothing is more relaxing than getting everything in a single place. 

Be it online flower delivery in Jaipur or online gift delivery in Jamaica. It’s easy to get stuff for him. What’s difficult is choosing the right thing, the idea behind it, the intention behind it, and how much giving that particular thing to him would mean to you. Giving gifts or presenting flowers is not just something you give to make someone feel happy. It’s a straightforward way of showing, expressing, and displaying your emotions for him. These are a few things your guy would love as a gift from you. 

  1. Date Night Done Right: Yes, you can gift him his dream date night or the kind of date he always wanted you two to go on. You can select his favorite restaurant, café, lounge, or the place where he always wanted to go. Order his favorite food, with a bottle of wine or champagne, whatever you both like, hold hands, look into each other’s eye, and tell him how much you love him, how lucky you feel having him as a partner, tell him all the great things you feel about him, tell him how wonderful your life is after he came into it, tell him how you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Let him express too, and yes, keep that phone aside. After dinner, call for a small cake and let him cut it to celebrate the love and togetherness shared by you two. Go on a long drive after that, head home, and watch a nice movie before you sleep. A Saturday night would be perfect for something like this, which he’ll remember for life. 
  1. Letter of Love: Handwritten love letters still leave the same impact on someone’s heart as they did hundreds of years ago. Write a beautiful letter to him, express all of your emotions, tell him about all the beautiful butterflies you feel in your tummy when you’re with him, tell him how he’s changed your world and how lucky you are to have him. Take him on a drive, and get the car parked in someplace quiet, give him the letter with a bouquet of roses and maybe a bottle of his favorite perfume, after he reads the letter, give him a tight hug and tell him that you love him, then play a romantic track on the music system of the car, hold his hand, and keep looking into his eyes, the shine in his eyes would express all that he’d be feeling at that moment, and that would be wonderful. 
  1. Try the Tattoo: Tattoos are no more restricted to the tribal societies in the world or are no more a taboo. Almost every third person has a tattoo, and they look cool. It’s better when they have a meaning behind them. Gift him a tattoo on your body that’s dedicated to him, maybe representing his name, his initials, his name, a tattoo that symbolizes the relationship you two share. Anything you feel about him could be tattooed, small, or big. That doesn’t matter. Tattoos are not just fashion; they’re a commitment of a kind. They stay with you till you exist. Getting a tattoo dedicated to him on your skin would promise to be as permanent as the tattoo in his tattoo and love him forever, till your last breath. 
  1. Terrific Trip: Plan a trip surprise trip with him for the weekend. Plan it to somewhere near so that you don’t waste all of your time going to the destination and coming back from the destination, it could be a hill station, or it could be a beach, it could be somewhere in another city, or it could be a beautiful property in the same city. Get the room bookings done, pack his bags when he’s not home, and go. Spend all the quality time you guys have been missing because of personal and professional commitments, have heart-to-heart conversations, be romantic with a candlelight dinner, stargazing from the hills, or sit by the beach waves. Cut a small cake to celebrate him, appreciate him, and thank him. You could gift him something too, a men’s bracelet, a watch, a wallet, even a keychain would do, make sure there’s a lot of love in everything you do. Enjoy your privacy and spend all the time together, no work calls, no unnecessary interaction with other people, just the two of you in the sweet little world of your own. 

Your guy is your king. Whether you’re married, dating, or in a committed relationship, he’s been your crush and will always be. This feeling always keeps the spark of newness, intimacy, and child-like love alive between two people. The forms mentioned above of gifts are more emotional than materialistic. That’s what matters in a relationship, communication is the key, and expression is the keychain that holds the key. Never let this fade away. Also, God bless you both, and may you stay in love and together forever!

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