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For several decades, when companies needed to create the product they needed, they had two alternatives. Organizations could create a platform, different applications, educational or virtual casino apps of such casinos as baccarat casino or anything else with a team of programmers, or they could order product development from outsourced companies. Today there is a third alternative, one that is affordable and easy to use. No-code and low-code tools provide a close match to business requirements, allowing tasks to be implemented faster and usually cost much less than the programs which were developed in the usual way.


The no-code concept is that technologies that help the users to create an IT solution have the source code, but it just can’t be seen by ordinary users. So, this art of coding does contain code, as usual, but has some distinctive features. No-code programming is aimed at people with little or no programming experience. People rely on visual features to implement workflows, user interfaces, data modules, and everything else. 

The no-code and low-code systems offer several advantages over traditional programming. Such tools make it easier to change or update some existing applications by adding or removing blocks or testing the product as early as possible. What about the history of no-code services, they appeared back in the 90s, on the wave of popularity of visual programming, which used graphical objects for development instead of the usual text code. 


The fact is that with these tools, anyone can develop their own website or platform. He does not need to have technical experience and knowledge of programming languages. And no-code development also allows entrepreneurs to replace professional developers to some extent, which means that businesses will be able to allocate resources to other needs. Moreover, since it speeds up the process, the company saves man-hours, which leads to increased revenues in the long run. And no-code development allows all processes, from creation to testing, to be automated. This way, teams will have more time to actually get the job done instead of wasting it on preparation. 


But what about the negative sides of no-code development? Such systems are non-scalable. The thing is, if the company has grown stronger, there is a need to create new solutions and improve the current functionality. To connect the logistics service and improve the capacity of the platform or website, you will need programmers in any case. No-code development can be used to test different hypotheses and business models, and you need to scale it with the help of professionals.

In conclusion, it is to be noted that the main areas of use for these systems are business process applications, web, and mobile interfaces. Instead of the fact that no-code development is not suitable for scalable, “large” IT solutions, this technology allows you to quickly build a version of the required prototype and test the IT solution, reduce costs and save time.

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