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Modern Trends For Bathroom Interiors


When we think about a well-designed home, we always think of a great living room, cozy bedroom, and a functional yet aesthetic bathroom. The bathroom is often neglected. We pay a lot of attention to the living room and bedroom, but not enough to the bathroom.

modern bathroom can be characterized by functionality and aesthetics. Bathrooms, as we all know, must be functional. When you walk into a well-designed, modern bathroom, everything should be within your reach. There should be no awkwardness in the transition between the toilet and the bathing area.

Today we will go through our take on a modern bathroom interior. We’ll talk about the ideas and tips that can help you create an amazing bathroom and also discuss the things you should never do.

Pay attention to the size of your bathroom

Do you have a large bathroom or a small one? Or is it neither too big nor too small? No matter what the size of your bathroom is, there are always ways to make them even better.

Let’s look into them one by one.

Small bathroom

Having a small bathroom is not necessarily a bad idea, given that you have neatly segregated the bathing space and the toilet. There are many advantages of small bathrooms. First, maintenance is easy. Second, everything is already within reach – you do not have to walk from one corner of the bathroom to another to fetch a bottle of shampoo.

The challenge of small bathrooms is to keep them uncluttered. Small bathrooms can get cluttered and congested in no time, especially if you keep adding new things to the bathroom.

For small bathrooms, we recommend a smaller freestanding bathtub and space-saving storage. Make sure you do not play a lot with colors and textures since overdoing it can make the bathroom even more congested.

A small bathroom is typically between 26-30 square feet.

Mid-sized bathrooms

For a mid-sized bathroom, you have the best of both worlds. You should have enough space for neat segregation of the bathing area and the toilet. You can also go for freestanding bathtubs of any size.

To make your mid-sized bathroom even better, make sure your bathroom fixtures are easy to use and accessible. You can choose space-saving storage here as well, but you also have the freedom to experiment.

Be careful about the colors and textures of wall and floor tiles in a mid-sized bathroom. The wrong color or texture can make it look too small or very empty. Since there’s enough space in a mid-sized bathroom, you do have the freedom to experiment slightly with colors and textures.

The average size of a mid-sized bathroom is 50 square feet.

Large bathrooms

You can do a lot with a larger bathroom (more than 60 square feet). The biggest challenge is to not make the bathroom look empty. At the same time, many people overdo their large bathroom fixtures and additions, and it ends up becoming cluttered.

Note that size is not a prerequisite for a modern bathroom, but a bigger size seldom hurts. You can choose a large freestanding bathtub, luxurious light fixtures, and even experimental wall and floor tiles.

How to design a modern bathroom interior: Tips and tricks

Here are some tips to design a stunning modern bathroom interior:

Be careful with dark colors: If used correctly, dark colors can look great in bathrooms. But the trick is to be sparing with them. When you use a dark color, make sure a lighter shade complements it. Otherwise, the bathroom will end up looking cluttered and claustrophobic.

Do not overdo fixtures: Just like colors, you must aim for balance in bathroom fixtures as well. For instance, a chandelier in a large bathroom will look good. But when you add 3 other fancy fixtures along with the chandelier, it’ll start looking cluttered. Remember that the bathroom is a place to relax and unwind. Choose your fixtures accordingly.

Pay attention to lighting: Lighting is an underrated bathroom component that can make or break the aesthetic appeal of a bathing space. While it’s important to choose bright lights, make sure it’s not overpowering. You can experiment with colors, but it’s safe to not stick to the standard shades.

Choose wall and floor tiles carefully: Floor and wall tiles do not only add beauty to a bathroom but also make them more functional. Non-slip bathroom floor tiles, for example, are great for kids and elderly people. Similarly, durable wall tiles will maintain their glow for a long time.


Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to do a lot to get a stunning bathing space. All it takes is a few good decisions, a professional cleaning, and purchases, and you’ll have the bathroom of your dreams. We hope these tips and ideas help you transform your bathroom.

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