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Ideas For Creative Polymer Clay Projects You Can Make Easily


The uses and applications for the polymer are unlimited, making it one of the most flexible crafting materials on the market. Polymer clay is an accessible, simple material used to create anything from modern wall art to custom jewellery. Clay sculpting requires work, but learning new skills is relaxing and fun. Regardless of where you decide to start working with the clay, make sure you have a clay cutter or a craft knife that is sharp on hand, aluminium foil for making moulds and shapes, and that you warm your oven before baking your items to prevent cracking. Find the ideal introductory project for your foray into the world of clay by looking through the suggestions below.

Fruit Decorative Boxes

While most of these charming trinket boxes begin with a simple wooden bracelet, it’s the clay decorations that distinguish them against other straightforward crafts. Uneasy handling the textures of each fruit by hand? Before adding the painted design work, stencil out your pattern with a little piece of washi tape.

Pottery Earrings

A pair of geometric earrings can give any ensemble a dash of handcrafted flair. These patterns are kept very understated and wearable by combining calm and pastel colours. To add a layer of gloss or create a softer effect, conclude with a polymer-safe gloss finish.

Dimensional Wall Art

Make a set of geometrical wall hangings for some decor with a touch of mid-century modern flair. However, don’t be hesitant to experiment with pale blue and metallic hardware. Brass and peach go fantastically together. In either case, add thread tassels to give each piece a fashionable touch.

Magnetic Rainbows For Refrigerators

Brighten your daily life with a set of vibrant, handcrafted multicoloured magnets for your refrigerator. To ensure the lifetime of these magnets, make sure to super glue each one to the baked clay very firmly before placing it in the refrigerator.

Ring Cactus Holder

Instead of trying to incorporate a sophisticated jewellery storage solution into your bedroom’s decor, use a fun DIY display. Make a couple to give to your pals as well. A cactus-shaped jewellery holder can be built in any colour and store many of your loveliest rings.

Vase Of Buds Standing

Fresh flowers may bring a subtle elegance to your household, and a clear vase with just one blossom can spread your arrangement across several locations. Create a contemporary, neutral stand vase using this post as inspiration, then fill it with a lone tulip. For a sturdy foundation, bury a wire in the vase’s stem.

Heart Emoji Necklace

Profit from the emoji craze with this tech-inspired jewellery design. These adorable necklaces aren’t tricky to make, but a sharp crafting knife and a little heart-shaped cookie cutter make the process much quicker. Once the clay has dried, don’t forget to give your best friend one side of the heart pendant.


All you need is a little creativity! You can create polymer clay art with only your hands! You’ll also need a few fundamental tools. Begin with an excellent, clean, and smooth work surface. Many individuals utilise materials that can be baked on to prevent damaging the clay before baking. You may also use index cards and cardstock for this. You can start with a rolling pin, slicing blade, and shaping tools. You could already have some tools at home, but you’ll also need to buy some. Therefore, get the necessary tools and go to work producing.

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