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Tips To Help Your Children Deal with Divorce


For many couples, divorce means going separate ways and looking for individual happiness. While this should be a priority as unhappy marriages result in a difficult time, taking care of children and supporting them should be equally important.

If you are a parent going through a divorce, you must put your children’s emotions first. As this can be a time of confusion for them, they require your support and care.

Couples going through a divorce in NSW can get the divorce granted only when they agree upon a proper arrangement for the children. You can get advice on parenting plans and child custody from divorce lawyers.

How to Tell Your Children About the Divorce?

It would be great if both parents could sit together to talk to the children. When deciding how much to tell your children, be truthful but also consider their ages. Younger kids won’t require as much details. Older children might inquire about more details.

Once they know it, they will take their time to adjust, which is very normal. It won’t be easy, particularly for children between 8 and 12 years. Since they are old enough to remember all the happy and bad times spent together but young enough to lack the maturity to understand the separation.

Children have to adjust to the new normal. Respect their emotions.

Here are a few things to remember when sharing the news with your children:

  • Let them know they are not the cause of separation and help them understand that their actions won’t change the decision.
  • Make them feel heard and give them a chance to share their feelings.
  • Reassure them that you will be there for them, and they will continue to receive love and support from both parents.
  • Do not argue in front of the children or deal with the lawyer in their presence.

How to Make the Transition Easier for Them

The process of separation is between the parents, and children should continue to have a meaningful relationship with their parents. According to laws in Australia, they both continue to share parental responsibility.

Although divorces result in some unhappy emotions, it is often the best decision for a struggling family.

Consider the following advice to prevent the situation from affecting your children and provide them with the best support.

  1. Discuss Living Arrangements with Them

Children have the right to know the decisions you’re making on their behalf. Talk to them openly about who they will be living with and assure them they can spend time with both parents equally whenever they wish.

You should be open to the idea that the arrangements may change once they grow up.

  1. Do Not Disrupt Their Routine

Children, particularly young kids, feel more assured if they understand their activities will not be disrupted. Tell them that the family vacation and weekend get-togethers will keep happening.

You may consider co-parenting to create a healthy environment for growing children.

  1. Don’t Bad-Mouth the Other Parent

Do not vent your anger on children. Find a counsellor or a support group to help you cope with the situation.

Navigate Peacefully Through the Situation

Unfortunately, in most situations, kids bear the brunt of parents going through a rough patch. It affects them emotionally. Be responsible adults and try to work it out without impacting your children.

If the need arises, get the help of counsellors or advisors for divorce in NSWRemember, children can sense anxiety and tension. So, make sure you take expert advice to set some ground rules while going through a separation.

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