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How Defective Gadgets Cause Injuries


It is the digital age where more and more people are becoming dependent on gadgets. And why shouldn’t they be? After all, it is what has made life easier for them. But there are also some instances where they have injured people. Tech-related injuries can range from shoulder and neck pain to serious accidents. There are some injuries that may become apparent instantly while there are some that take time to develop. The scary thing is that the number of cases is increasing every day. Let’s have a look at some of these injuries.

#1. Computer Vision Syndrome

You must have heard it a thousand times from your parents or elders not to use the computer for long hours. There is a reason behind it. You see, it is not safe to keep staring your eyes at a single point consistently. And if you then you might develop computer vision syndrome which may cause blurred vision, eyestrain, and redness. Fortunately, this is not a permanent condition. If you want to protect your eyes then consider wearing glasses.

#2. Repetitive Stress Injury

The movements needed to move the mouse or type on the keyboard can easily irritate your tendons. And if you keep using the system for a longer period of time then you may experience some pain in your hand, forearm, and shoulder. However, repetitive stress injury can affect your entire body and not just the part that has been overused.

#3. Tinnitus

People who are habitual of using their smartphones almost all the time every day might experience ringing in their ear. This is a condition called tinnitus. If someone has this condition then it is highly likely that the individual would be able to hear meaningless sounds without the presence of an external sound. It is not an easy disorder to treat. This condition has a tendency to become extremely severe and can disrupt your daily life.

#4. Loss of Hearing

Most people use headphones to enjoy music. However, this can cause hearing loss. If people continue to use headphones, then this can eventually destroy the cells of the inner ear that can hurt your ears permanently. Many young adults love to listen to music all the time via their earphones which is why they often have older ears.

#5. Physical Injuries

Yes, gadgets can cause you some physical injuries as well. For instance, playing a video game on Wii. Although it is fun to play on the platform, however, keep in mind that it can cause bone fractures, shoulder dislocations, and head injuries if you are not careful while using the device. Physicians have termed this Wiiitis.  

#6. Insomnia

If you are someone who enjoys surfing the web on your laptop or can’t skip a day without playing video games especially those which involve shooting then chances are that you might experience insomnia. Your levels of melatonin which is a hormone responsible for regulating your sleep cycles can get suppressed. You should also avoid watching television for an extended period of time. I remember when I used to binge-watch my favorite shows on Spectrum TV and on mobile if you have subscribed to Spectrum mobile plans, it started to affect my sleep. However, just as I cut down on my television watch time, my sleep cycle slowly began to improve.


There is no doubt that technology and gadgets have been introduced to make human lives simpler. And in reality, it indeed has. However, people should be a little careful when it comes to using certain gadgets or they might have to bear some major consequences such as the ones mentioned above. Also, if you own a defective gadget then try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Why? Well, it poses an even bigger threat. The device can harm you in more ways than you can imagine. So, it is advised to take safety precautions and avoid using particular devices or gadgets that have the potential to hurt you in any way.

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