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5 Types Of Pencil Cases Customized In Style


Pencils and pens are quite underrated. They don’t get enough attention even in this modern world where we know that a pen can do as much damage as a bullet. Your education depends upon pencils and pens and on the other hand, it’s important to keep them safe without miss placing any. Whether you are a working professional, student, artist, writer, or anyone who uses pens and pencils, you need to treasure them. 

While in school, students are highly enthusiastic about their stationery. As we grow up, we keep giving less and less attention to them. However, a custom pencil case might help you keep the enthusiasm going. You can make it as attention-grabbing as you want. Customizing your pencil case needs some suggestions as well. This article helps you buy the best-customized pencil cases without putting much effort and time into it. 

Five customized pencil cases

  • Spacious, lightweight, and durable

Some pencil cases are customized to make them very spacious, and lightweight. There is nothing else you want from them. These have spacious compartments that can house a lot of writing utensils. If you want, you can also choose the one with a mesh pocket for small stationery items like erasers, sharpeners, etc. The material in these custom Pencil cases is very lightweight. Although you can make it a bit heavier by putting in your accessories. 

  • Book-style custom pencil cases

Style pencil cases, as the name suggests open like a book and holds a lot of accessories. They can carry more than 20p and pencils. It’s just a medium-sized book that you can store in your bag along with the other textbooks. Such custom pencil cases are made of nylon and are easy to clean. These can have different compartments for your eraser, sharpeners, and other small accessories. 

  • Tin pencil cases

These types of custom pencil cases are very common in schools. Since these can fit easily in your books and our study and are durable, this is the top pick. Although common for people who like more customizations and a better-looking pencil case, this is not the one for you. Custom pencil cases are made of fabric and similar materials can be customized and made to look much better than tin pencil cases.

  • Wallet type pencil cases

Boys wallets or something that can easily fit into your pocket. Such a Wallet type of pencil case is very common where the pen hangs on partitions made in the case. You open them up and you have different partitions where you can categorize the accessories you have. 

  • Royal pencil case

Such pencil cases are matte in color and can house a lesser number of accessories. In fact, they only have compartments for pens and pencils. These pencil cases are best for professionals who only need to carry one or two pens with them. However, according to us, these look the best and a grown-up should always go for such custom pencil cases. 

These five options might be unique or not but we have picked the best custom pencil cases for you. Now, you can order them online or go to your offline stores to check whether they can house all your stationery accessories or not.

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