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Holief’s feminine product line


Discover Holief’s feminine products collection of PMS and cramp-relieving solutions for women is something we are very excited about. Eighty percent of women report experiencing painful periods, we think it is about time this problem was solved. All of the menstrual cycle’s physical, mental, and emotional problems can be alleviated with the use of Holief’s products, including those containing naturally produced hemp extract.

Pain treatment lotions, gummies, and oral drops are just a few of the goods available in the Women’s Wellness line. These items are useful because they alleviate cramping, restore hormonal balance, decrease tension and edema, encourage relaxation, lessen muscular and joint pain, and enhance quality of sleep.

Designed specifically for women, Holief’s feminine products promote wellness via equal parts self-care and balance while also sparking a discussion about the many benefits of talking about periods. Hemp, primrose, peppermint, ashwagandha, olive oil, and other plant-based substances have been shown to reduce period cramps and anxiety in women aged 18 and above. Feelings of dread and panic at that time of the month need not be the norm. 

Holief seeks to improve women’s health and also invites women to talk openly about menstrual discomfort.  Holief is a company that adheres to ethical and moral principles. The ingredients they use in their products are of the highest standard and are GMP approved, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free and non-GMO. 

Discover Holief’s women’s products

The new Women’s Wellness line from Holief consists of five different products:

  • Holi-Cramp Menstrual Relief Cream:  Effective, long-lasting relief from painful menstruation. Developed with the highest concentration of hemp in the market (2800 mg). Maintain a sense of self-assurance during your monthly cycle.
  • Holi-Cramp Plus Menstrual Relief Cream with Menthol: Hemp (2800 mg) and menthol work together to relieve menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) with instant muscular relaxation and a cooling, calming effect. Stress will quickly go, so you may relax.
  • Holi-Balance Oral Drops: This potent mixture of hemp extract, mixed berries, and evening primrose can help you deal with tension and anxiety, boost your energy, and support healthy hormone balance. Your physical self is deserving of your finest efforts.
  • Holi-Mood Oral Drops:  This plant-based formula helps you feel more at ease and less emotional swings will be experienced. Naturally, produced antioxidants in hemp and relaxing peppermint reduce PMS and uncomfortable periods. Energizing and inspiring.
  • Holi-Sleep Oral Drops: Using the synergistic effects of hemp extract and melatonin, you can have a more restful night’s sleep. Period pain, tension, and anxiety can all be alleviated with this herbal formula. Sleep like a baby every month of the year

Holief’s are pleased to be expanding its line of solutions for women, which help the thousands of women who endure the uncomfortable and often devastating effects of their periods in silence.

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