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What is a custom cursor? Tips, Examples, and everything else


The use of custom cursors has more or less become a trend. This tiny tool works like a wizardry stack to grab the customer’s attention. You must have observed the look of your mouse pointer changes when you open a certain website. This is due to the custom cursor design.


The desktop view of any website indicates that a custom cursor is a stylish component that covers the distance between the consumers and the website. With a creative mindset, one can use the impact of a cursor to bring more traffic to his website and engage the users more effectively. This is why companies look for a creative and proficient web designer in New York who could design appealing and fascinating custom cursors for their website.

Custom Cursor 

According to CSS’s property cursor “A custom cursor is used to convert the default pointer of mouse used to point out the things to a stylish one.” You can easily switch your computer cursor by going through the system settings.


By taking support from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript the job to create a more attractive cursor can be done easily. a wide range of tools to construct your creative cursor is available.

Importance of Custom Cursor 

The attentiveness of the user can be grabbed easily by using the stylistic custom cursor on your website, they playing the role of middlemen elaborates the journey of visitors through your web. 

If one can use animations, moving objects, and parallax effects to build up an interactive website but using the default cursor it may cause the users to lose interest in the website immediately, on the other hand, the presence of a creative and attractive cursor that gives proper directions to the users and help them to explore every aspect of the website build the interest of the users to your site.

Examples and Designs 

Some top-rated custom cursor examples are listed below 


This website gives directions to the users using a custom cursor. With the help of this type of custom cursor, you can direct the users where to go to explore next. It provides the customers with easy access to each feature of the website which is not only surprising for the users but also inspires them to the next level.


By taking an idea from the custom cursor used by this agency you can use several cursors for a single website. A single website containing different sections can attract the most public if various types of cursors are used for each section of the website because it’s A bit surprising for the users what comes next.

Mutt Agency

The cursor used by this agency facilitates its users by providing navigation to each section of a multi-section website. It’s sort of fun to use this cursor, as it converts to upward and downward arrows while moving in the up and down areas respectively.

Tips to Create custom cursor 

Before going to create your unique custom cursor read the guidelines and follow the instructions carefully to get the desired results.

The basic instructions are listed below

Stay Connected with Main Goal 

 The main purpose to add an animated, creative, and attractive custom cursor in your website is to catch the attraction of the users and to persuade them to click on the target link or image. While working on the creation of a custom cursor make sure not to waste all time on styling it but to focus on designing to give the users a better experience.

Be Mind Full 

Have you ever noticed that higher brands, ecommerce, and big corporations use the old system default cursors instead of creative custom cursors? The reason is that they want to keep consistency in designing through all the websites. Keep in mind that a custom cursor is not necessary for all types of websites. So make it very clear that when and where to use the custom cursor will benefit you.

Small Screen Disability 

The experience of using custom cursors with mobile phones and other small screens is not good, rather it only makes the user frustrated by sticking and interfering. It’s highly recommended to disable the custom cursors automatically when the user swipes the website to mobile

Creation of custom cursor 

Multiple approaches can be taken to create a custom cursor for a website. Using CSS cursor property or Code pen is the easiest and simplest approach to do this.

Custom Cursor Effect kit is also a great way to explore the best fit and unique design.


While there are many ways you can create a custom cursor, it’s best to rely on the services of professionals.

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