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In today’s world, business is entirely modified as time is changing the company and its strategies are modified too; it is totally different from the way it was several decades ago. Modification in business is a necessity for its growth; also it is constantly evolving with no boundaries. Globalisation played a pivotal role to expand business from local markets to international markets.

Global expansion in business not only changes its face of it but directs the business goals in a new direction and this is done with the help of new techniques and technology. In recent years, businessmen and women have changed their strategies to build their companies and earn more profits. To establish a successful business education, skills and experience is the foremost requirement.

Establishing a business is not only for commerce stream students but every stream student can establish their own business and can study about it.  There are several educational courses available to study and pursue your career to greater heights. But still, there is a most efficient and beneficial educational course to get acknowledged about everything regarding working in a multicultural environment, and how to work in companies.

BBA is a degree qualification course that teaches you direct entry into the job market and to learn how to establish your own business. There is also a specialised version of the BBA Program which is also known as GLOBAL BBA. Let’s learn more about Global BBA and which educational institution is best for it.


BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and is a bachelor’s degree course to study the fundamentals of business management. With technological progress and globalisation, the business industry has transformed completely. As an introduction to the global market, companies are evolving to grow globally too. Thus, to conquer the global market companies need more efficient, trained, skilled, and graduated aspirants who can deal in the global market. Thus, Global BBA is a bachelor’s degree program that is introduced to focus more on practical training for students to become an expert in facing the challenges of the Global Economy.

The Global BBA degree includes advanced, elective subjects to prepare students for operational and business management. Students will learn to develop a business in an international market and how to adapt to the different business environments globally.

In this program, students will learn about Global business, marketing, finance, and administration, as well as fields of economics and others in the international context.

As it is mentioned earlier, it is a more practical degree program and less theory. Students will get more exposure to training, international interactions, paid internships, etc.


It’s a common confusion why to choose Global BBA, not BBA but there is a difference between both programs. As globalisation helped to expand the business thus there is a huge requirement for trained students to work in a globalised market. The rise of global business leads to numerous opportunities for students who have international market knowledge and understanding.

BBA leads to getting knowledge on a regional basis whereas Global BBA leads you to learn and get trained in regional business as well as international also. There are huge benefits to choosing this degree program.

The curriculum in BBA is totally different from Global BBA. The curriculum of BBA is designed for the Indian Market however Global BBA is designed to get acknowledged about the international market and business activities. Through this, aspirants get to learn about the market, business strategies, and different aspects globally.

Job opportunities after graduating in Global BBA are huge as with the knowledge of the global market and economy, the doors of job opportunities are open globally too. The aspirants are not restricted to working in the domestic market, unlike BBA graduate students.

As opportunities are more, the salary package of Global BBA graduates is more. The average salary package of graduates of Global BBA is in the range of up to INR 10 lakh whereas for other BBA Courses graduates’ pay is in the range of up to INR 8 lakh in the Indian Market only.

Selection of a degree program is a vital step for every student and selection of the best leads you to the best. And Global BBA is the best option to choose for your career.

Let’s discuss the future scope of Global BBA.


 After Global BBA there is ample scope for your future. You can start your professional career or business and if you are interested in further studies then you can continue your master’s. This course gives you the opportunity to work for international companies and to grow yourself in different cultural environments globally.

The global market is booming. Through globalisation and development in technology the domestic as well as international market is changing drastically. With the boom of the global market, job opportunities are arousing simultaneously. The benefit of completing this course is to get advanced knowledge about business and its concepts and culture; including exposure to the global market and its practices and others.

Through this course, students are capable of developing the qualities that will help to achieve great success in their careers. The scope and opportunities are huge for trained and skilled students to work in different profiles and working areas.

Job profiles that are available after graduation are

  • Global Business Manager
  • International Brand Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Export Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Assistant International Marketing  Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Global Distribution Manager
  • International Operations Manager
  • International Trade Manager
  • Import/ Export Agent

Above are the job profiles in which students apply for work both domestic and international. Here are the lists of working areas where students can build their careers.

Areas to Work on after Completion of Global BBA are

  • Export Houses
  • IT Companies
  • Banks
  • Shipping Companies
  • State Trading Corporations
  • Logistics Companies
  • Merchandises
  • Transportation Corporation

Global BBA opens the doors of massive job opportunities for aspirants. There is no need for students to go abroad for advanced learning about business and the global market. That is the reason this course is there to make you learn. Many institutions offer this course but it is important to opt for the best for your best education. For Global BBA, the Universal Business School is the best to complete your degree.

Universal Business School  

The Universal Business School (UBS) is one of the best management institutes located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is India’s First Green Business School which is endorsed by 60 CEOs.  It is one of the top B schools in Mumbai. UBS provides an international curriculum that is internationally accredited by British, European, and America. It provides the opportunity to learn with global CEOs.

The UBS provides a wide range of management courses both for UG and PG levels. This institute is awarded as a “Top Management Institute in Mumbai” that is approved by AICTE. The institution is partners with top global academic universities in the UK, the USA, and France i.e. SSM ( Swiss School of Management), LINCOLN University, Northern ILLINOIS University, and others.UBS provides 80% of practical learning in their programs with excellent placements(100%) in domestic and international companies.

Ample opportunities are available at the UBS campus as many recruiters are there to hire the best aspirants. Recruiting companies such as Google, Capgemini, Amazon, Hindustan Unilever Limited, HDFC Bank, Citi Bank, Accenture, TATA, Flipkart, and many more.  

UBS is one of the top BBA colleges in Mumbai established in 2009 and is a private institution. It is a genuine global school with a global degree, and an international curriculum for advanced learning provided for its students. The faculty of the institution is skilled and highly qualified who are there for each student in their journey to learn.

Global BBA is an undergraduate program of UBS to provide advanced, professional, and high-quality education.  Their BBA course is affiliated with CARDIFF MET.UK. In this course, students have an option to study for an entire 3 years in India or they can go for 2 years in India and a final year in the UK.


For admission in a reputed b school in Mumbai to Global BBA, students need to meet the following criteria-

  • Students must achieve a minimum of 65% in their 12th board examination.
  • Proficiency in English should be checked i.e. Students must score above 60% in the English subject in both the 10th and 12th board examinations.
  • Students who are not able to achieve above 60% in the English subject must require scoring over 6.5 overall with a minimum of 6 in each category in the IELTS exam.
  • For entrance, students need to clear the UBSAT exam.

As UBSAT is the entrance exam for BBA in Maharashtra.

The admission criteria and weightage are

  • For Academics – weightage is 50%.
  • For UBSAT – Weightage is 25%.
  • For Personal Interviews – Weightage is 25%.

Documents Required

  1. Academic Mark Sheets of 10th and 12th.
  2. Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  3. Two letters of Reference (LOR) ( School/ College / Employer)

You can download the Sample PDF from their official website –

The Fee Structure of the Program

 Global BBA Degree from Cardiff Met.UK is a 3-year (in UBS) duration course with fees of INR 4.48 Lacs per year (UBS).

Global BBA Degree from Cardiff Met. UK is 2year (in UBS) + 1 year course (in UK) with fees of INR 5.48 Lacs per year (UBS) + GBP 14000* (UK).

The cost of the application form is Rs. 2000/-.

UBS ensures the development of skills, knowledge, and practical learning of students to set their benchmarks in the future.

For more information, you can visit their official website –

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