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Gadgets That Will Make Sure You Get Up on Time


Smartphones might have added a lot of convenience into our lives but they have also caused a fair bit of nuisance. Many people can find themselves endlessly scrolling through social media for hours before they drift to sleep. Moreover, your phone might be the first thing you pick up right after you wake up. The glare of the blue light alone can be harmful to the eyes and sensitize your brain too much. So, how can you break up with these devices if they have replaced alarm clocks as well?  

It can be easier to sleep while watching TV, especially if you have a good plan like any of the Cox TV packages. But waking up on time and still feeling fresh is another story. Smartphone alarms aren’t the only thing you can use to get up in time. There are so many innovative inventions that can wake you up creatively without causing any anxiety.

#1: Farmland Alarm Clock

If you love animals and want to feel closer to nature when you wake up, this can be the right option for you. The farmland alarm clock is also great for people who always end up oversleeping. The clock chooses a random animal’s voice every day when the alarm rings. The animal sounds are loud and the only way to silence them is to solve a tiny puzzle every morning.

You will have to choose a block that matches the shape of the animal. As the animal is new and random every day, you will have to give it some thought. The effort is a lot more than snoozing your phone alarm multiple times to go back to sleep.

#2: Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light

Smart wake-up lights are the obvious alternative because of how good and affordable they are. The wake-up light from Philips detects ambient light and can become bright and dull accordingly. It mimics the rising sun in the morning, while slowly dims down at night to help you fall asleep. The rising sunlight can be pretty bright and can send the right signal to your brain. Moreover, the light can also play soft sounds like chirping birds so that you wake up feeling fresh.

#3: Smart Watch

Modern smartwatches and fitness bands offer a variety of features and alarm clocks are one of them. Moreover, they can monitor your sleep throughout the night and can give insights into the quality of your sleep. They are much better than smartphones because they have a smaller screen and the light doesn’t produce the same sharp glare. Also, they wake you up with a soft vibration around your wrist instead of making loud and shrill alarm sounds. The twofold advantages are great for helping you wake up on time and also helping you monitor your sleep cycle and health.

#4: Clocky Alarm Clock

Clocky is an alarm clock on wheels. So, it makes pushing the snooze button a lot more complicated than smartphones and regular alarm clocks. The alarm clock has a cute-looking interface but it can get super annoying. You will have to get up from your comfortable bed and look for the alarm clock before you can turn it off. Clocky moves around haphazardly instead of in a straight line and you may have to follow it around like a headless chicken. It might be annoying but it is very effective.

#5: Ruggie Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are becoming a lot more innovative and Ruggie can be a great option without getting annoying like Clocky on wheels. The alarm clock replaces your bedside rug and the alarm doesn’t stop ringing until you get out of your bed and stand on it. So, it will force you to get out of bed. If you don’t want to run around your alarm clock in the morning, you can choose Ruggie instead. Getting out of bed can be the hardest thing in the morning, and this alarm clock helps you overcome that hurdle. The alarm doesn’t even stop instantly and you have to stand for a reasonable amount of time before the sound ends.

#6: Old School Radio Alarm Clock

If you aren’t a big fan of technology, the old-school radio alarm clock can work well too. You can dust off an old alarm clock and use it instead. The trick is to keep it at full volume and make sure that it is placed far from your bedside. Older alarm clocks usually have a shrill and loud alarm sound and you will have to get up to turn it off. Moreover, they usually run on batteries that are inexpensive to replace and the actual alarm clock doesn’t cost much either. It can be a great way to get up in the morning without any fancy equipment or a piling cost.

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