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Dental Logos That Will Make You Smile


If you are a dentist, then does it mean that your logo needs a tooth in it. It is not the truth, your logo can have much more than just a tooth in it. If you want to look like 90% of the other dentists then go for it. However, if you want something unique, interesting, and different and want to stand out in the competition, you need to try something new. We have collected plenty of dental logos that will make you smile. 

  1. Tooth Logos

Sometimes dentists want the tooth, the whole tooth for their business logo design, and nothing other than the tooth. This can be quite predictable but it is completely normal. There are several ways to create clever and creative dental logos. 

You can either get playful with tooth icons and create a logo design that is memorable and shows off the personality of your business. Or you can use abstract or graphic shapes to create a defined look. 

You can cleverly incorporate the tooth in your symbols related to the name of the brand. Flat and minimalist logo designs are quite common in this area. Go for designs that easily interact with the audience and communicate the message with them. You must look trustworthy to your audience. This is the reason, most dental logos use the blue color in their business logo design. 

  1. Abstract and Wordmark Dental Logos

These dental logos are created to achieve a modern, high-end feel. This is achieved with the help of abstract symbols or simple and elegant font styles. Some of the designs in this category try to create a subtle tooth image. Other designs abandon oral imagery altogether. 

These logo designs are basically made up of wordmarks that only include the company name. Next, the abstract marks use special icons or geometrical shapes to create something unique and different. There can be a clever use of imagery or icons to create a shadow or hint of a tooth. Geometric shapes can turn a tooth logo from zero to hero. 

  1. Braces and Implant Logos

Moving further, braces and implant logos are also gaining huge popularity these days. Braces and implant logos are great for orthodontists and surgeons. Logo designing are including other details in the logo design other than just a tooth. More bright colors can be used in the logo to make it look more fun and interesting. 

For instance, think of a logo that includes a tooth that has braces on it. This tooth can be used alongside the name of the clinic to provide clarity about the business.  Next, Spring Orthodontics use green color and a leaf in their logo. The leaf is extended and it bears the tooth with braces on it. You can also get playful with your dental logo and create different and unique designs. This design can be easily recognized and is quite memorable too. 

  1. Smile Logos

The major goal of keeping those precious teeth brushed and flossed is so that you can get that perfect smile. So, why not show the end result that your patients will get from your practice. This kind of logo uses the happy simple to create a positive and beaming image. 

Designers use mascot logos with eyes and hair to evoke positive emotions all the time. Such kind of logos is bright and fun to look at. The use of graphic elements, playful colors, and text make them look interesting. So, you can take help and use mascots in your tooth logo design. It will be more attractive, engaging, and interesting to look at for your audience. 

For example, you can use the letter D in your logo to support the word dentist. To incorporate a smile, you can go for typography icons. Place horizontal lines in the ‘D’ to make it look like a huge smile. Place two dots before ‘D’ to resemble eyes. 

  1. More Than Just A Tooth Logos

Furthermore, there are logo designs that use a tooth image but it is more than just a tooth logo design. Designers cleverly integrate tooth icons into a design to give more information about the practice. It can be geometric location, customer focus, or various other special features. Combining a tooth icon with other elements is an amazing way to showcase the personality of your practice. 

You do not have to make the tooth shape overt. Sometimes, it is best to create a tooth out of the negative space in your logo. It can add another layer and attractive element to your logo design. 

For instance, Australian Dental Studio has a logo that looks like the map of Australia. But other than that, the logo also resembles an upside-down image of a tooth. 

  1. Apple Logo Ideas

The image of a tooth resembles an apple quite well. This resemblance in the shape of a tooth and an apple has inspired logo designers. Logo designers started using the apple icons rather than tooth in dental logos. It also supports the hidden fact that apples are good for cleaning your teeth while you eat them. These types of designs have to creation of attractive and bright logos with more use of green and red colors in the logos. 

 For instance, you can create a logo that has an image of a tooth created with the negative space or white space. This tooth image is created within a green apple. At the bottom, you can easily mention the name of the business. 

You can incorporate white space very creatively in such kinds of logos. It will seem visually pleasing and will look attractive to your audience. You can surprise your audience by hiding elements in the logo for your audience to discover. 

  1. Brush and Paste Dental Logos

At last, there is another type of logos that you can choose from while creating a logo for your practice, brush and paste dental logos. A good dentist always suggests using a brush and floss. You can keep up with this notion for your brand’s image by incorporating a fun and interesting toothbrush or toothpaste into your logo. For example, Cactus Dental uses the image of a toothbrush on the cactus icon in the place of its branches. 

At last, the dental logo for your practice should represent your real personality and show what makes you unique. If you want to use a tooth, you can go with the tooth. If you want toothbrush, apple, etc you can go with whatever represents you truly. 

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