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Casting 101: How to Find Talented Local Actors


You may be looking to cast some actors for a short film or a production you’re looking to create. Whatever you may need actors for, there are some ways you can do this that will yield the best results.

Casting Sites

The easiest way to get qualified actors is by going to where the actors are. Before there was the internet to make all of our lives easier, you would usually visit local talent agencies. These agencies still exist but they are few and far between. At these agencies, you can find managers who work in the film and theater industry.

With the ease of a Google search, you can find many of these agencies online and send an email or make a phone call instead of making a stop. The best part of these agencies is the variety and surplus of talent that is available. You can find Broadway actors, child actors, or actors that are local to a specific area. 

If you need to cast twins, actors of a specific descent, or whatever you may need, look to these specialists to help you find your perfect character. Even if you don’t have anyone specific in mind, the folks that have been in the industry and have experience can help guide you to the best actors for your characters.

Local Theaters or Colleges

If you are looking to help some amateurs get more experience or simply work with a smaller budget, check out actors at your local theater or students at local colleges. Many theater arts majors are looking to be a part of something new. If the actor is looking to broaden their portfolio or just try something new, they may be quite receptive to working with you. 

Research some theaters in your area and speak with whoever may be the director or operator of the theater. Most of these individuals have dedicated their lives to the performing arts and probably have worked with some of the most talented local actors in your area. Don’t be surprised if you can cast a hidden gem through these means.

Additionally, there are plenty of young aspiring actors that are looking for a break into the scene. Depending on how well you know the industry, you may be able to get others their names out there and they can do the same for you. 

Your Friends or Family

If you’re just breaking into the film or theater industry and you’re looking to cast people but can’t pay them much, you can always turn to your friends and family. Not everyone is cut out for acting, but you can determine who would work best with your production by having auditions. Yes, even your friends and family should have auditions.

Even if you’re not trying to spend a ton of money, if you’re looking to take this seriously, you want to have a crew that works well with your script. You’ll want to keep in mind that it may be difficult to work with friends or family and it may be just as difficult to tell them you don’t want to work with them.

Ultimately, maybe try a little bit of each of these suggestions. You can still cast friends and family for smaller parts or background actors. And you can feature some credible professionals in the larger roles. Finding the perfect fit for your script isn’t easy but it is well worth it if you take your time and take it seriously.

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