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Reducing uncertainties in virtual consultation

Virtual consultation is an online service that provides patients with access to doctors and other medical professionals from the comfort of their own homes. By using video conferencing technology, patients can consult with doctors

Top 5 MDM implementation companies in the US

With huge volumes of data being exchanged on a daily basis, organizations have come to realise the importance of a systematic method for data management. This is where master data management comes in handy. Master Data Management or

ERP for University Automation

The purpose of ERP for University Automation is to manage the processes and functions of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in higher education institutions. This type of software helps in streamlining information between

7 Top Free Web-Based Fighting Games in 2022

Browser games are nearly all free and simple to use. Plus, whether you're looking for some solo online gaming or a new browser game to play with friends, there are plenty of single and multiplayer browser games to choose from. Check out
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