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The demand for private 5G networks in industry 4.0 is growing! 5G private networks are having a lower latency potential for delivering superfast connectivity with high bandwidth, data rates, high reliability with ultra-low latency of 1 ms, and higher transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Private 5G ensures security and privacy and is almost like the fifth generation of wireless mobile network technology, some of the differences are that the owner can have the spectrum solely over which the communication can be carried out. Such a network can be used only by its owner who can prioritize one user from the other, where all the users have different access as per their requirements. 

Private 5G networks are suitable for businesses such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart factories that require ultra-low latency for supporting large networks of connected devices. It is a progressive opportunity for industry 4.0 that needs 5G capabilities to implement its transformative applications, therefore regulators are allocating more spectrum to enterprises for establishing their own private 5G networks.  So, now let us see role of Private 5G Networks along with User-friendly 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and User-friendly 4G Testing RF drive test software, Cellular LTE RF drive test tools & equipment in Industry 4.0 & Beyond

What are private 5G networks?

  • Compared to Wi-Fi or 4G-LTE, private 5G networks satisfy all these requirements have low latency and highly secure wireless transmission networks, and can be used even in areas like mines, remote construction sites, and off-shore drilling sites where a public 5G network is not reachable. 
  • 5G private networks support several emerging technologies that form the foundation of Industry 4.0 such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automated mobile robots, and augmented reality.
  • Private 5G networks offer great reliability, ultra-low latency, and scalability, hence they can hold large numbers of IoT-connected devices and sensors.
  • Private 5G networks deliver high bandwidth with superfast connectivity, data rates, and low latency, therefore, suitable for those industries that need extremely low latency to handle vast networks of connected devices.
  • Moreover, such networks (private 5G) support use cases for advanced technology, which comprises autonomous vehicles, automated guided vehicle systems, collaborative mobile robots, AR, and predictive maintenance, among others.

The impact and advantages of Industry 4.0 on private 5G network:

  • Deployments of 5G private networks in Industry 4.0 are increasing as they are providing support for various applications such as assisting mission-critical wireless communication with public safety, critical infrastructure, smart factories, smart manufacturing, and industrial operations. 
  • When it comes to Industry 4.0, there are several new devices equipped with sensors allowing more intelligent and real-time operations based on a private 5G network. Thus, industrial automation OEMs, cloud providers, AI technology providers, and machine builders work together to create new solutions, such as preventive maintenance, enabling manufacturing industries to realize their vision of a 5G future-smart factory. 
  • Though private 5G networks can deliver superfast connectivity with high bandwidth and data rates plus provide scalability and high reliability with ultra-low latency of 1 ms, they will be adapting bulk volumes of IoT-connected sensors and devices effectively. For this reason, private 5G networks are suitable for those businesses which require ultra-low latency to support large networks of connected devices.

A few of the benefits of 5G are listed below –

  • The opportunities for better ROI with Industry 4.0 are tremendous because of deploying the private 5G superfast technology. 
  • The role of private 5G in Industry 4.0 technologies not only enhances automation, but also decision-making, and machine-to-machine communication. 
  • Less machine downtime and quicker batch changes in Industry 4.0 provide increased efficiency due to the 5G network.
  • Industry 4.0 technologies promote collaborative working, and automatic reporting, distribute resources more effectively and economically and foster innovative ideas. 


The role of private 5G networks in industry 4.0 is growing fast. 5G networks are providing telecom operators and manufacturers an opportunity for innovating many things in the industry 4.0 landscape – 5G will have a substantial impact by connecting the digital divide and managing the carbon footprint. Hence, operators are more concerned about 5G private networks’ testing and monitoring solutions. Here comes the RantCell tool, which is an Android-phone-based application that you need to install on your test phones to identify network user experience-related hiccups with ease on the 5G/4G network. 

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