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All about MG Cars!


Mg cars are becoming increasingly popular, with many people believing that they offer a better driving experience than traditional petrol and diesel cars.

There are a number of reasons why people are choosing to buy mg cars. Firstly, mg cars are said to be more environmentally friendly, as they produce considerably less emissions than the average car. Secondly, mg cars are generally much smoother and more responsive than traditional petrol and diesel cars, making them much more enjoyable to drive.

Mg cars are also much cheaper to run than traditional petrol and diesel cars, as they use much less fuel. In fact, many people believe that mg cars are actually cheaper to run than electric cars!

If you’re thinking of buying a mg car, be sure to research carefully before making a decision. There are a number of different models available, so make sure you find the one that’s right for you.

MG 3

MG3 comes with a very elegant design, this car doesn’t have a very unique design. On the front side of this car, It has an MG signature grill which comes with an MG chrome logo. The front lights of this car are very beautiful, it comes with projected LED lights technology (But in Pakistan it will come with halogens bulbs). This vehicle also has Day time running lights like the MG HS.

The backlights of this car have a very beautiful and unique design(Looks like, a line comes up to down). At night, it looks fabulous. The interior design of this vehicle is very modern and practical. It comes with some modern features like Buttons on steering, an 8 touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay, and airbags. Also Check: MG car Price in Pakistan

MG 5

There is no doubt MG 5 has a very beautiful design. On the front side, we get a huge black colored grill which makes the car design more aggressive and sporty, we also get beautiful looking LED lights with daytime running lights. On the backside, we get beautiful-looking led lights that look very similar to Mercedes S class lights.

The interior design of MG 5 is also very elegant and modern. MG5 comes with a digital speedometer which Pakistani people definitely love. It also comes with a huge entertainment LCD that has a 360 view camera. MG5 also has an electronic parking brake and brake hold button.


MG HS is one of the most beautiful SUVs in Pakistan. On the front side of this vehicle, MG is offering a galaxy star grill, which looks very unique on the Pakistani roads. On the front, this vehicle also has very unique-looking daytime running lights with LED projected lights.

On the backside of this vehicle, the MG motor is offering LED backlights. These lights look very beautiful at night. The interior design of this vehicle is very modern and stylish. MG Motor is also offering different color combinations in the interior which looks very beautiful. In our opinion, the red and black color combination interior looks most beautiful. It costs you more than 15000 dollars.


MG ZS has a very unique and elegant exterior design. On the front side of this vehicle, MG offers its signature grill in black color with a chrome MG monogram. The Day time light of this vehicle is also very unique. These lights are the same as MG 3 lights. The DRL and front lights have come with LED technology. This vehicle also has roof tails.

The backside of this vehicle is also very beautiful. The backlights of this vehicle are also very beautiful with these lights are also come with LED technology. The lights are looked like a wave at night. The interior design of this vehicle is very elegant but it’s not modern like MG HS‘s interior design. This vehicle’s interior comes with only 1 black color. Some people might not like this design. It is a very comfortable and stress free car.

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