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Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks


Get Ahead of Known Challenges

You’re a new mom and you’re enthusiastic about it, but why are you having trouble nursing your newborn? There could be a number of issues you didn’t realize you would face after your child was brought to term and delivered. Breastfeeding is simple, it’s natural; but it doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes the baby won’t latch, sometimes you can’t produce milk.

Following we’ll explore a few tips and tricks to help you overcome common breastfeeding challenges so your child is at peak health.

Remember, breastfeeding is definitely the best way to go for nourishing your newborn. It’s hands down better than formula, and health benefits exist for your child as well as yourself. So with that in mind, consider these breastfeeding best practices.

1. Express Till You’re Done

When the child is done eating, keep expressing until your breasts quit producing milk. Express into a bottle and store it in the fridge; it’ll keep about a week or so. When you do this, your body gets “used to” producing more milk, so you’ve always got a “meal” for baby when he’s hungry.

2. Change Your Diet

Fenugreek, nuts, oats, whole grains, and other similar foods are ideal to help your body produce more breastmilk. Check out this link to get an idea of what foods are best to help you produce more milk.

Sometimes the issue you’re having is that your body doesn’t have enough calories to spare. If you don’t eat enough, or the right foods, you’ll have trouble breastfeeding.

3. Get Advice From the Experts

If you’re having trouble producing milk for your newborn, check out this link on how to increase milk supply fast. There are physical and psychological issues which can inhibit your ability to produce or express breastmilk. Sometimes you have a unique health issue inhibiting production, sometimes you’ve got clogged milk ducts. Check with experts to know for sure.

4. Lanolin, Petroleum Jelly, and Breastmilk Soothe Sore Paps

If you’ve never breastfed before, the process will leave your nipples feeling sore; kind of like how they would feel if they were sunburnt. Lanolin helps, so does petroleum jelly or a few drops of breastmilk. Your nipples will toughen, but it can take a little while, so have bottles and pumps available in the meantime, and soothe sore paps to assuage discomfort.

Overcoming Breastfeeding Difficulties

Reality cares less about enthusiasm and attitude than distinct variables. If you have struggled with psychological or weight issues, that could impact breastmilk production. If you’ve never breastfed a child before, associated discomfort can also prove a challenge. Use soothing substances, get advice, change your diet, and express until you’re done.

These tips will help you get the hang of breastfeeding more quickly, and the end result will be healthier development in your newborn. Yes, it can be difficult, but anything worth doing is difficult, and the rewards of overcoming such difficulties are clear for you and your newborn.

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