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Why is it essential to hire a permanent staffing consultancy?


`Hiring a permanent recruiter is a great way to get quality candidates who fit your company culture. But why should you consider using top permanent recruitment firms in Saudi Arabia instead of going through the hassle of finding new employees?

Permanent recruiters are experts at sourcing top talent from across the globe. They have access to thousands of qualified professionals looking for jobs in their field.Here are some reasons why you should hire a permanent recruiter.

1. They know how to find talent: If you’re struggling with job hunting, a skilled recruiter will be able to help you source and identify talented people that can fill your open positions. A permanent placement consultant knows where to look for them and the best ways to contact them.

2. Professional recruiters have relationships built on trust: Your search process might feel like an endless game of phone tag. All those calls can make you begin to doubt if anyone else would be interested or capable of helping you find the right candidate.

A recruiter, however, already works closely with potential candidates every day! Once you connect with a professional recruiter, they ensure you never go more than two days without making contact with a perfect match.

3. Recruiters provide valuable feedback: When it comes time to review resumes, a recruiter has a wide variety of tools available to help you filter the best applicants based on qualifications and experience. The recruiter can also point out any red flags about a candidate, so you can make better decisions when interviewing.

4. They save you money:  Investing in the hiring of talented employees will help grow profits. In addition to saving money by avoiding wasteful spending on new hires, a qualified worker contributes to higher morale within the company.                                                       

5. Good workers

This means they have plenty of good workers ready to take over, but may not have enough to meet demand. That’s where the services of a permanent recruiter come in. They’ll take care of the entire process with ease. No need to sit through the  piles of resumes!

6. They deliver qualified matches: There’s nothing worse than being overwhelmed with too many choices. It becomes hard to remember which ones were serious contenders. Instead, choose a recruiter with strong connections and a history of delivering qualified applicants. These partners have a proven track record of delivering qualified leads.

7. They understand your business needs: Even though a permanent recruiter has years of experience and access to a large network of qualified candidates, they still want to hear what you’re looking to accomplish. You may want someone who specializes in certain industries or skill sets, or maybe you need a highly-skilled sales role. Whatever your requirements, this expert recruiter hears them first.

8. They’re proactive: Because recruiters are committed to finding you the best possible employee, they follow up consistently. They don’t wait until after they send you a resume to see if anything worked out. This ensures that you only spend your time communicating with qualified prospects.

9. They provide clear communication: By connecting directly with prospective employees, a recruiter gathers important information regarding salary expectations, relocation costs, hours, etc. This saves you time and energy from having to gather the same details yourself. Instead, let someone who understands these issues do the heavy lifting for you.

10. Hiring a recruiter means you get qualified professionals: Hiring a top-notch recruiter is an investment in your company and one that pays off greatly. If you’re looking for candidates across various levels and skill sets, then there’s no better way to locate the ideal person. And you can rest assured knowing the recruiter will only bring you qualified candidates.

11. Recruitment agencies help you reduce attrition rates: With a high turnover rate costing companies millions every year, it’s easy to understand why businesses struggle to keep staff members. When you hire a quality professional employer, however, your team won’t be forced into leaving their position so quickly.

12. Working with a recruiting agency makes onboarding easier: Since recruiters know how to attract qualified workers, they’ll make sure every member of your team is properly trained before they start working. This reduces the likelihood of leaving behind any valuable knowledge once they go home at night.

13. Good recruiters keep tabs on available roles: As soon as a job opening comes available, your recruiter immediately begins hunting down a qualified candidate. They take the initiative to find talented individuals they know will fit right into your organization.

14. A recruiting agency keeps your brand positive: Bad news travels fast. When word gets around about a poorly managed workplace, then it’s going to impact your reputation. To avoid this, recruiters ensure that they screen all potential hires thoroughly to protect your company’s image.

15. Top recruiters promote diversity: Everyone knows that diverse groups create stronger teams. Therefore, by partnering with a recruiter, you can eliminate any bias and select the perfect applicant for your department.

16. Permanent staffing agencies improve retention rates: According to a study conducted by Deloitte, 73% of employees think it would take less than five months to find another job. To solve this problem, recruiters help increase team productivity while reducing the risk of losing good employees to other organizations. In fact, research shows that companies that use a recruitment firm experience lower turnover rates in comparison to companies without them.

17.  You can hire more people: Most jobs require some sort of specialist talent. For example, even when you need a receptionist, or IT support, you still need to look for someone with specific skills. Recruiting experts can identify individuals that meet those criteria and connect with them directly. It also helps to fill any gaps between departments so that your business functions more smoothly.


While it’s true that recruiters are primarily out to make money, they can become invaluable assets in the long run. Just like finding the right accountant or attorney, an effective recruiter increases your chances of success dramatically. Make an effort to hire a great recruiter today – you’ll see significant returns in the future.

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